Lafayette Dentist Answer FAQs About Root Canal Therapy


Admit it, few things fill you with terror like the words “root canal”. Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Rumors and inaccurate information have harmed the reputation of this safe and comfortable procedure. Root canal therapy actually helps protect and preserve your smile against infection. In today’s blog, your Lafayette dentist, Dr. Michael Young, answers your questions about root canal therapy, explaining the importance of this endodontic treatment.

Root Canal Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I know if my tooth has become infected or abscessed?

Answer: Symptoms of an infected or abscessed tooth include: Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, chronic toothaches, swelling around the tooth, a bad taste in the mouth, and sharp pain when biting down or chewing.

Question: What happens if I don’t receive a root canal?

Answer: Without treatment, the infection may kill the inner pulp. Your pulp houses crucial nerve tissue that oversees the flow of nutrients and blood to and from the tooth. Once the pulp dies, the tooth will require extraction to prevent the spread of infection.

Question: What does a root canal involve?

Answer: First, Dr. Young will open the tooth and remove the infected tissue. Then, your Lafayette LA family dentist will disinfect the canals and fill the tooth with restorative materials.

Question: Does Dr. Young use crowns to restore the tooth following the procedure?

Answer: Yes. After filling the tooth, Dr. Young will place a crown over it. The crown prevents further infection and decay while preserving the remaining tooth structure. Our crowns are created using lifelike dental materials to ensure natural looking restoration. The crown may even be shaded to better blend with your smile.

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