Fun and Fascinating Friday Dental Facts

Fun on ComputerWe try to give you plenty of information about important topics in dentistry each week. Dentistry doesn’t always have to be serious, however. To lighten things up, enjoy some interesting (and sometimes amusing) dental facts, such as this: chocolate (of the dark variety and in moderation) is not only good for your heart, but also good for your teeth thanks to compounds such as theobromine. Read on for more interesting factoids related to the dental field from Lafayette dentist, Dr. Michael Young.

Dental Facts

  • If you get irritated by people talking on their cell phones in public, you’re not alone. In fact, a survey done by Time Magazine said that 59% of Americans would choose going to the dentist over being forced to sit next to someone talking on a cell phone.
  • A prisoner in West Virginia once escaped his cell with braided dental floss. His creative makeshift rope helped him to scale the outer walls of the jail and make his getaway.
  • You can actually contract a contagious illness you’ve already had if you continue using the same toothbrush. If you have a bad virus or bacterial infection, you should buy a new brush or replace the head of your electric toothbrush. This helps stop bacteria from going back into your mouth every morning and night when you implement your oral hygiene routine.
  • Airborne particles from flushing your toilet can actually travel about six feet in every direction. For this reason, Dr. Young recommends you keep your toothbrush far enough away from the commode so this does not happen to you.
  • If you ever drool when you sleep it makes sense. Considering that the average person’s salivary glands produce 25,000 quarts (that’s the equivalent of two built-in swimming pools) of saliva over a lifetime, it’s a wonder we don’t all drool more.
  • An internet poll found that health professionals (dentists included) are considered the most trusted people in America. On the other hand, lobbyists and congressmen are seen as the least trustworthy.

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