What Can I Expect from Clear Braces?

clearbracestrayholdNot looking forward to the idea of a mouth full of metal but you would love to enjoy a straighter smile? Fortunately, we offer clear braces to align your teeth. Though the idea of braces that others cannot detect may sound like an amazing option, you may wonder how this is possible. You may also find that you have a long list of other questions that you would like answered before moving forward with treatment. If you think orthodontic care is just what you need and you are ready to improve the appearance of your grin, we encourage you to learn more about the Invisalign and ClearCorrect treatments to find out if they are right for you:

What Are Clear Braces?

The term can be a bit confusing since the word “braces” immediately makes patients think of brackets and wires. Fortunately, Invisalign and ClearCorrect are quite different. Rather than brackets and wires, you will be required to wear a series of aligner trays. You will begin with one set and graduate throughout the series as they shift your teeth into place. To provide you with trays, we will first need to take impressions on which your aligners will be designed.

What Are the Benefits?

The first benefit is always the most obvious: Your aligner trays will be clear, so most people will not even notice you are wearing them. They will fit snugly over your teeth for comfortable wear. Look over the following for even more advantages:

  • After a brief period of time, you will adjust to speaking with the clear braces trays in your mouth
  • You will not need to wear your trays all day long, which means you can continue to eat the foods you love and take care of your teeth like usual – we will recommend that you take your trays out for no longer than approximately 2 to 4 hours each day
  • Because they are made of smooth plastic, clear braces will result in minimal to no irritation, which is something you can’t expect from traditional braces


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