Get Back to Normal With a Tooth-colored Filling

Normal Life with FillingNow that summer is winding down, it’s time to get back into a more normal routine. But that can be difficult if you’ve been experiencing dental pain. Though hardly the only cause of discomfort, cavities are by far the most common form of sensitivity and moderate to severe pain. Particularly if it’s isolated to a single tooth, you might have a cavity. Thankfully, modern dentistry allows for natural-looking fillings that can help protect your tooth and beautify your smile!

Why Fillings Are Necessary

A filling can help improve the function of your tooth, and treatment itself should alleviate your pain. If you suspect you have a cavity, don’t hesitate to seek treatment. It could save your tooth, and have you feeling like yourself again, quickly.

First the dentist will perform a checkup, to see if you do in fact have a cavity. If so, a thorough cleaning of the area will be required, before a filling can be placed. Once the surface of your tooth has been prepared, the dentist can apply the filling.

How Modern Fillings Are Different

Unlike metal fillings, which can be troublesome for patients with metal allergies, or those with concerns about the esthetics of their smiles, tooth-colored fillings can provide a great form of protection, without the potential side effects.

Tooth-colored fillings are also better at bonding with your tooth than their metal counterparts, so you get a superior seal that can help protect your tooth from further decay or even infection.

If you don’t want to risk needing root canal treatment, later, it is best to see a dentist if/when you suspect a cavity. Prompt treatment can generally save the tooth.