Q&A: Tooth-Colored Fillings

q&arainbowHave you been diagnosed with tooth decay and now, in addition to discomfort, you are dealing with concern about what will become of your tooth? The good news is that we offer tooth-colored fillings rather than the amalgam fillings you may be more familiar with. As a result, you will find that most if not all of your worries will fall by the wayside as you get to know the benefits of this restorative treatment. We will be happy to answer all of your inquiries during your visit, so you feel confident about addressing your cavity. For now, however, we offer some frequently asked questions (and answers) for the clarification you are seeking.

Questions and Answers About Tooth-Colored Fillings

Question: What is a tooth-colored filling?

Answer: This is a dental filling that, like any other, addresses tooth decay. We will remove the tissue from within your tooth that has decayed, creating a clean slate for your filling. We will then use a material called composite – made of synthetic acrylic resin – to fill the opening. We will set the material, resulting in a restored, whole tooth.

Question: Will the tooth-colored filling be a universal tooth shade? Will it blend with my tooth?

Answer: No, we use the term tooth-colored because we will match the resin to your tooth, rather than simply relying on a universal shade of white – no two smiles are identical, which means customized composite is essential in a seamless finish.

Question: Will I deal with sensitivity common to metal fillings?

Answer: As for the sensitivity that occurs due to metal heating up and cooling off as a result of food and beverage temperatures, this is something you don’t need to worry about. Composite does not react to temperature like metal, which means your tooth will remain comfortable.