Q&A: Tooth Bonding And Contouring

q&AfabricHave you learned quite a lot about what to expect from tooth bonding and contouring as individual treatments? For instance, you may already know that bonding allows you to create the appearance of additional tissue or camouflage for your teeth, while contouring gives you the chance to remove a small portion of tooth tissue. However, you may still have some outstanding questions regarding what you can achieve for your unique smile goals and needs. While we will be happy to provide answers in person, we suggest you begin with a helpful Q&A session.

Questions and Answers: Bonding and Contouring

Question: Can I use both tooth bonding and tooth contouring to improve my smile or is it essential that I choose one over the other?

Answer: You may use one or the other – or you may use these treatments together to fully address your smile’s esthetic concerns.

Question: Are tooth bonding and contouring cosmetic treatments that require a sizable investment or are they considered budget friendly?

Answer: Fortunately, both of these treatments are considered the most budget-friendly cosmetic treatment options available.

Question: What if I want a whiter smile? May I schedule teeth whitening after I used both bonding and contouring on my teeth?

Answer: If you want a whiter smile, we may be able to rely on the tooth bonding portion of your treatment to cover up stains. However, if you are interested in reshaping your teeth and comprehensive whitening, it is important to recognize that we cannot bleach bonded teeth. Instead, either choose to whiten your smile before your bonding and contouring or learn about porcelain veneers, which can tackle all of your concerns at once.