Can You Bounce Back from a Dental Cavity? Part One

Can You Rebound from a Dental Cavity?No one wants to hear that he or she has developed a dental cavity. Aside from noticeable discoloration, cavities can also cause heightened sensitivity or even discomfort while trying to enjoy meals or drinks. Unfortunately, if they are left untreated, cavities can even lead to painful tooth infections that could require root canal treatment or an extraction. Fortunately, these extensive treatments can often be avoided, by simply scheduling a dental appointment at the first sign of trouble. That way the dentist has an opportunity to address the cavity promptly, before it can lead to more complicated oral health concerns. In many cases a simple and minimally invasive dental filling could leave you feeling better, and smiling more proudly, fast!

Warning Signs You Have a Dental Cavity

Cavities often cause sensitivity, especially to hot or cold foods or drinks. Sweet treats can also be particularly troublesome, since the bacteria responsible for most cavities feed on sugar.

Sensitivity and discomfort are not the only warning signs of dental decay, though. Many patients also notice discoloration when cavities have formed, such as the appearance of grey lines, especially along the crevices of teeth. Even white patches can be signals of cavities, as this can indicate that the more sensitive layer beneath the teeth’s enamel has become exposed.

How Can a Restorative Dentist Improve Your Smile Seamlessly?

To help treat cavities, many restorative dentists recommend dental fillings, which can be completed quickly and through minimally invasive treatment. Before a filling can be applied, however, the dentist will first need to perform a thorough exam. In most cases, the dentist will also require an n x-ray to help determine the extent of the decay, before treatment is completed.