How Can a Dentist Help Complete Your Smile?

How Can a Prosthetic Complete Your Smile?Did you recently suffer the loss of a tooth? As a child, losing a tooth can be downright exciting. From anticipation at the Tooth Fairy’s visit, to the pride of reaching such an important rite of passage, it can feel fun to lose a tooth for the first time. Unfortunately, as an adult, the emotions surrounding tooth loss are quite different. Many adults feel frustrated and embarrassed, when struggling with incomplete smiles. That is where a prosthetic dentist comes in, though, to help restore both your smile and your confidence. So if you want to enjoy meals again, and simply be able to show your smile proudly, it’s time to explore your prosthetic options for completing your smile, and to determine which treatment will be best for you!

Which Prosthetic Will Be Right for You?

Dentures, dental bridges and dental implants are all common ways of coping with tooth loss. Each has benefits all its own, as well as a few drawbacks. Therefore, scheduling a consultation with your prosthetic dentist is likely the best way for you to determine which treatment is going to be ideal for your smile’s needs, based on both your goals for reconstruction, your budget, your current oral health and other important considerations.

Could Dentures Be the Solution?

In general, dentures (either partial or full) are the most affordable option for treatment, and often one of the fastest. Partial dentures can be created to replace a single or several missing teeth, while full dentures are designed to replace an entire arch of teeth at once, either the upper or lower part of your smile.

Dentures are made to sit comfortably, and can generally be temporarily secured through the use of a denture adhesive. However, dentures can also be held in place in a more stable manner, by using the dentures in conjunction with either a dental bridge or dental implant.