Healthy Drinks that Could Be Damaging Your Smile

Healthy Drinks' Affect on Your SmileIn your quest to get healthy this year, do you find yourself consuming a variety of drinks that claim to detoxify, rejuvenate or otherwise enrich your body? From green juices to fruit-infused water, protein powders to detoxes, there are a number of seemingly healthy products that claim they can help make you healthier than ever before. But do you ever wonder what effect these drinks will have on your smile? Your preventive dentist is a great ally in your quest for maintaining great oral health. In order to protect your smile between dental visits, though, it’s helpful to know what these dietary products can mean for your dental health.

Watch Out for Added Sugars

When it comes to packaged foods and drinks, you may already be watching how much sugar you consume. However, if you have been hitting your neighborhood juice bar for healthy servings of drinkable fruit, or making your own green smoothies at home, you might be overlooking how much sugar you’re actually consuming.

While fruits and vegetables are an important part of a balanced diet, if you’re drinking juices, smoothies and other beverages with large amounts of sugar (even the kind from fruit) it can still contribute to tooth decay. So be mindful of how much sugar you’re actually drinking, and drink water in between other beverages to help rinse excess sugars from the mouth. Brushing teeth after these treats is also a good idea!

Be Careful About Drinks with High Acidity

Many healthy drinks still have relatively high amounts of acidity. For instance, red wine, which doctors have long heralded as having proven heart benefits when drunk in moderation, is as acidic as a soda. Grapefruit and some other juices are also highly acidic. Even adding lemon to your water can greatly increase how much acidity your teeth are facing. So drink plain water between other beverages, to help protect your teeth. Also, make sure you maintain a strict dental hygiene routine each day, and regular preventive checkups in order to properly protect your teeth and gums!