Look and Feel Your Best with Seamless Smile Restorations

Look and Feel Great with Restorative DentistryAre you feeling insecure about your smile because of noticeable smile restorations, like metal fillings or gold crowns? Over time, outdated restorations can cause both embarrassment and often discomfort. Fortunately, modern dentistry provides a number of more seamless solutions for addressing decay and other dental damage, which also tend to be more comfortable than metal for many patients. So if you are in need of restoration, for the first time, or ready to explore alternatives to the dated restorations you’ve grown to dislike, why not speak with your restorative dentist about the many ways he or she could help improve both the look and feel of your smile?

Address Decay and Damage with Seamless Solutions

By far, the most common dental issue to affect both adults and children is cavities. In fact, some studies indicate that nearly 90 percent of adults will be diagnosed with cavities. Fortunately, most dentists now offer more seamless solutions than the metal amalgam fillings that were once most commonly used.

Tooth-colored fillings, as they are often called, are created using a composite resin material that bonds well with teeth creating a tight protective seal, but which also offers esthetic benefits, because it can be shaded and sculpted to look like the surrounding teeth.

The resin also conducts less heat than metal, making it more comfortable for many patients, most particularly those with metal allergies or sensitivities.

In the case of outdated crowns, or chipped or cracked teeth in need of restoration, porcelain crowns are a great option. Porcelain crowns can be customized to blend naturally within a patient’s smile, while also offering strong and stain resistant protect against further wear or even infection.