Could a Dental Implant Help Your Confidence?

Can a Dental Implant Help?Have you spent several months or even years struggling to enjoy your mealtimes, all because of an incomplete smile caused by tooth loss or an extraction? While there are a number of modern dental prostheses available, not all are created equal. For great support and stability, many patients prefer the added benefits of choosing dental implants. Only implants help to replace both missing teeth and their corresponding tooth roots. So, whether you are ready to complete your smile at last, or to replace an outdated, ill-fitting or uncomfortable prosthetic, now is a great time to find out how a dental implant could help better restore your smile.

Are You Tired of an Incomplete Smile?

Many people think of tooth loss as a cosmetic concern. However, missing teeth can affect one’s ability to chew effectively, and they can also cause alignment problems for remaining teeth, making tooth loss an important functional issue, as well as an esthetic one.

If you are ready to address tooth loss for the first time, it is wise to consider the benefits of choosing a dental implant. Unlike unsupported dentures, implants offer added stability and security. In fact, they are considered the most permanent and secure of the dental prostheses options currently available.

Would You Like a More Sturdy Prostheses?

For many patients who have become uncomfortable with existing prostheses, dental implants can help to increase their confidence. That is because implants involve surgically inserting a titanium post into the jaw, in order to stabilize a dental prostheses, such as a full dental crown, a pontic (a fake tooth), or even partial or full dentures.