Secret Weapons for Protecting Your Smile

Secret Weapons In Oral CareIs 2017 the year you are bound and determined to better protect your dental health? For people who have suffered from discomfort caused by dental decay, like cavities, in the past, it can be especially important to protect the teeth and gums from common oral health threats. Fortunately, there are a few simple tools that could help you take even better preventive dental care of your smile in 2017. Best of all, they’re not hard to find, or expensive, either. Consider these the not-so-secret, but often overlooked weapons in the quest for oral health!


Chances are, you already have a roll of floss, or two, in your bathroom drawer, but are you actually using it on a regular basis? Dentists regularly tell patients about the importance of flossing, to remove bacteria between the teeth. Yet many studies indicate that less than 30 percent of adults actually floss regularly. If you are serious about protecting your teeth and gums in 2017, you should be flossing at least once a day. Your next dental checkup and cleaning should go much better if you make this simple adjustment.

A Tongue Scraper (or Your Toothbrush)

Another hot spot for bacteria growth is on the surface of your tongue. Luckily, a tongue scraper is an inexpensive yet effective way to remove more of this bacteria, helping to limit acidity and also to combat bad breath.

Best of all, you don’t even have to invest in a tongue scraper. You could simply use your toothbrush, to help remove bacteria from the surface of your tongue.

Sugar-free Gum, Especially Any with Xylitol

Sugar-free products, especially chewing gum, can help to freshen your breath after meals and snacks. But did you know that they can also help to gently clean the teeth until you can brush again? While chewing gum is not a substitute for regular dental hygiene, it can be a helpful addition to your daily routine, particularly if you choose products containing xylitol, which has been found to limit plaque’s ability to multiply!