Complete Your Smile, Improve Your Confidence with a Dental Implant

Complete Your Smile, Improve Your Confidence with a Dental ImplantWhen was the last time you looked in the mirror and liked the smile staring back at you? Has it been several years? Does it feel even longer? What about the last time you actually enjoyed a dinner out with friends, or a holiday feast with your family? Adult tooth loss can make many once-enjoyable activities anxiety-ridden instead. You might worry about how your smile looks now that you have missing teeth, or you could be concerned about how an unsupported prostheses might shift as you chew. Either way, it can be hard to enjoy the kind of confidence you once had, prior to tooth loss. Fortunately, dental implants offer a secure and seamless way to complete a smile, one which can restore comfort and confidence to patients impacted by adult tooth loss.

How Do Implants Work to Restore the Smile?

While there are many dental prostheses available to help complete smiles impacted by tooth loss, implants are unique in several important ways.

  • Implants are the only prostheses that are held firmly in place through the use of a mimic tooth root. This part of the implant, made of a biocompatible material, allows a patient’s soft tissue to grow right around it, allowing for great security that is actually designed to last a lifetime.
  • It also allows the jaw to receive nutrients as one chews, which no other prostheses can accomplish. This preserves the jaw’s structure, while also preventing surrounding teeth from shifting to try to fill the gap that was created.
  • Implants can be created using single replacement teeth, partial or full dentures, to help address tooth loss with secure results.
  • They are designed to offer comfort and great cosmetic benefits, allowing for confidence when smiling and chewing.