Quiz: What You Can Count On From A Teeth Whitening Procedure

Your disappointment in store bought whitening products should not affect your expectations for a professional teeth whitening treatment. Your dentist has access to whitening gels that are capable of doing more for your smile than over the counter products. With professional agents, you can have stains that have settled into your teeth treated, meaning you can see an improvement in your smile’s color by many shades. Patients who elect to undergo a whitening treatment with their dentist can find themselves dazzled by the improvement they see thanks to a single appointment. Of course, you can choose to pick up the necessary materials to whiten your teeth at home, using products supplied by your dentist, and still enjoy these outstanding results.


True Or False: Your teeth whitening session can take several appointments to complete, so you should plan to spend a lot of time with your dentist.

True Or False: The Zoom Teeth Whitening system allows you to finish your treatment in one appointment because of a special light that speeds up the effects of your whitening gel.

True Or False: Sometimes, patients who want whiter teeth need to go through something other than a standard whitening treatment to enjoy the best results.


False! Your dentist can have your treatment completed in a single appointment. You also have the option of picking up the necessary supplies and having professional results come from at-home treatments you perform on your own.

True! The light activates the effects of the whitening gel, so that its effects come sooner, meaning you have your results in less time.

True! Alternative cosmetic dental treatments can be called for if your discoloration is due to something other than teeth stains.

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