What Is Root Canal Treatment?

What Is Root Canal Treatment? Root canal treatments are common, but if you have never experienced the treatment, the words “root canal” may make you feel nervous. The nervousness may stem from decades-worth of the words, “root canal” being used as a punchline in television shows and movies often to refer to a painful dental procedure. However, the truth is that root canal treatments are often faster and more comfortable than many patients expect. Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is an important way to restore a damaged or decayed tooth. Once tooth decay has caused infection and inflammation to the inner pulp and roots of a tooth, a root canal treatment can provide relief to pain, save the tooth from extraction, and restore it. 

When Does It Become Necessary?

Restorative dental treatments, like fillings and root canal treatments, are designed to stop the progression of tooth decay. The difference between the treatments is that they address tooth decay at different stages. Root canal treatment addresses infection or inflammation of the internal tissues of a tooth, which are known as the inner pulp. Once the internal tissues become affected by bacteria, it can create a lot of pain from the inflammation and/or infection. Root canal treatment disinfects the internal structure of the tooth to remove all bacteria and any damaged pulp or pieces of tooth. This can leave the tooth weakened and a crown may be needed to restore it.

Saving a Tooth From Extraction

If an infection is ignored and allowed to wreak havoc on the internal structures of your tooth, the tooth can become abscessed and the roots internal tissues can become severely damaged. Extracting the tooth can become the last way to prevent infection from entering the bloodstream and affecting your overall health. A root canal treatment done before tooth decay reaches this point of destruction can save your tooth from extraction.

Root canal treatment can be a last step to saving your tooth

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