My Oral Health Impacts The Rest Of My Body?

My Oral Health Impacts The Rest Of My Body?You only get one set of permanent teeth in your lifetime. This fact, along with your desire to have fresh breath and a bright smile, may encourage you to take good care of your oral health. In doing so, you probably brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day and visit for your dentist for an exam and cleaning at least twice a year, right? Did you know that keeping your mouth healthy can also have benefits on the rest of your body’s health? Several studies have linked the occurrence of gum disease and oral bacterial infections to the development of certain cardiovascular diseases and other health problems. Treating gum disease and oral health issues can prevent the risks to the rest of your body. Your dental team in Lafayette, LA, can help you keep your mouth healthy for health of your body. 

The Release of Bacteria

Some bacteria living in your mouth is good and acts as a balance to your oral flora. However, some oral bacteria is responsible for gum inflammation, infection, and disease. A specific microbe, porphyromonas gingivalis, can trick your immune system and in doing so can prevent your body’s defenses from attacking the harmful bacteria. The result of the attack is  that your gums can swell and bleed, which can create a pathway for the harmful oral bacteria to enter your bloodstream. As it travels throughout your body, P. gingivalis can potentially create the same manipulated reaction in other areas of your body, such as your heart’s valves, arteries, and tissues. Some studies have found P. gingivalis in excess quantities in the bodies of those with inflammatory heart disease

Ill-Effects On Your Body

Specifically, P. gingivalis is dangerous to both your oral and overall health. However, there are other microbes and oral bacteria that are harmless to your teeth and gums, but can be extremely problematic if released to other parts of your body. Problematic meaning that they can lead to blood clots and restricted blood flow.

Keeping your mouth healthy can help keep you in good health

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