Fortifying Your Smile With An Implant

Fortifying Your Smile With An ImplantLosing a tooth as an adult is not so much a fun experience. It can be traumatic and scary. If the tooth is in the front of the mouth in a visible spot of the smile, it can feel like an emergency to get your smile looking right again. If the lost tooth is further back in the mouth, it may not feel that crucial since no one can see it. However, it is important to know that any tooth loss (except for wisdom teeth and primary teeth) should be replaced and restored. Even just one lost tooth can cause a lot of problems for your smile’s health. It can cause bone density loss, shifting of your other teeth, too much uneven wear on your other teeth, problems chewing or speaking, and so on and so forth. A dental implant can be a great way to offset some of these negative consequences. Talk to your dental team in Lafayette, LA if you have lost a tooth in your smile.

Fortifying Your Bone

Your teeth each have a top part above the surface and roots below the surface of the gums. The roots stimulate the bone that supports your teeth. If this stimulation is lost, your body may stop sending key nutrients to the bone, which can ultimately lead to a loss of bone density. The bone can start to soften and change shape over time having dire consequences on any remaining natural or prosthetic teeth you may have. A dental implant is placed in the spot where your tooth’s roots once were. Over time the bone and tissue will grow around the implant, which will keep stimulation in that area. Having a dental implant fortifies the supportive structure holding your teeth in place.

Health & Appearance

Not only does a dental implant help strengthen your smile, but it can give your dental prosthetic a more natural appearance. For example, if a crown is supported by an implant, it can sit closer to the gum tissue in a natural way.

A dental implant can be important

If you have experienced tooth loss as an adult, a dental implant may help restore your smile. To schedule a consultation, contact us at 337-237-6453. We proudly serve patients from Breaux Bridge, Broussard, Scott, Youngsville, and surrounding communities.