Unique Smile Issues And Possible Solutions

Unique Smile Issues And Possible SolutionsIt is not a great feeling to think that your situation is so unique that no one else would understand. When it comes to the smile and especially to how the smile looks, you might be surprised at how common some issues are. Of course you know that many people seek to whiten their teeth because they feel insecure about the shade of their smile, but did you know that some people are also insecure about the proportion of gums to teeth? If you feel alone about some of your smile insecurities, you should know that you can always talk to your dental team in Lafayette, LA. There are solutions to most cosmetic smile issues.

“Too Much Gums”

Disproportionately large gum tissue to the size of the teeth (also referred to as a “gummy smile”) is only an issue if it bothers you. Most of the time, a gummy smile is just as healthy as one with normal proportions. Although, there may be a slightly higher risk of gum disease just because there may be more area that can be affected. If the appearance of your gums makes you feel insecure, gum contouring may be a way to help you achieve the smile appearance of your dreams.

“Pointy, Jagged Teeth”

Some people have naturally pointy teeth, while others may have pointy, jagged, or oddly-angled teeth caused by an accident or injury. Again, if the health of your smile is good and you are not self-conscious, these types of uniquely shaped teeth may not be a smile issue at all. However, if the tooth damage has affected the inner chamber of the tooth, you may require some sort of restorative care. If you feel insecure about your smile, some form of cosmetic treatment (like bonding or porcelain veneers) may help you get a more symmetrical smile.

Do you have a problem with the way your smile looks?

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