I Want A Straighter, Whiter Smile!

I Want A Straighter, Whiter Smile! Smiling can improve your mood. It can make you feel more confident, which can lead to better jobs, healthier relationships, and just an overall better quality of life. When you do not feel confident or when you feel specifically insecure about your smile’s appearance, it can affect your daily life. It may make you feel less inclined to smile, laugh, or even talk. If you hide during family photos or only smile with your mouth closed, you may feel insecure about your smile. If you avoid talking at work because you are embarrassed of your teeth, you deserve to not feel that way. You deserve to feel confident and secure with your smile’s appearance. You deserve to shine with your smile and speak up. Share your voice. Our office in Lafayette, LA has a patient special to whiten and straighten your teeth for $225. If the shade of your teeth and the alignment of your smile make you feel self-conscious, this is an opportune time to find your confidence. 

Straightening Your Smile

As stated above, a misaligned smile can make you feel less confident about your appearance. But did you know that a crooked smile can also be a smile at risk of tooth damage, gum disease, and tooth decay? When teeth are overlapping or pointed at wrong angles, there is an increased chance that they can damage each other. Teeth that are crooked are much harder to clean that straight teeth. Bacteria can be left behind after brushing and flossing. The lingering bacteria can irritate the gums to cause gum disease and erode the enamel of your teeth to cause tooth decay. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign® or orthodontic braces can help lower your risks of these issues.

Whitening Your Teeth

Dull, yellow teeth can make you look much older than you are or even much older than you feel. A professional whitening treatment can give you a chance for your dentist to customize your treatment for your smile’s needs and your goals. In some cases, the appearance of your smile may need other cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers, and your dentist can guide you through those situations.

Are you ready to update your smile?

We have a current patient special to straighten and whiten your teeth for $225. To learn more, schedule an appointment with us by calling the office of Michael J. Young, DDS, in Lafayette, LA, today at 337-237-6453.