Why Porcelain Veneers Are Growing More Popular

Regardless of exactly what issues they want to fix, most patients who want to improve their smiles prefer to minimize how much treatment they receive. That’s why most cosmetic dental treatments are designed to achieve maximum results as conveniently and conservatively as possible. That’s also one of the many reasons why modern, custom-designed porcelain veneers are becoming an increasingly more popular solution. At our Lafayette, LA, dental office, we can often create a highly personalized smile improvement plan using just one or more custom porcelain veneers. Not only are the veneers tailored for optimal cosmetic results, but they can be placed with minimal alterations to the teeth that receive them.

They’re highly realistic

The best cosmetic dental treatments are the ones that nobody notices. To that end, porcelain veneers are carefully custom-designed to mimic the exact color and shade of your teeth, as well as their texture and the specific way they reflect light. Every veneer is hand-crafted according to precise, accurate measurements and molds of your teeth to ensure a natural and comfortable fit once bonded in place. Before placing a veneer, we’ll lightly sculpt a minimal amount of enamel from the tooth’s front surface, creating enough space for the veneer to sit comfortably and flush with the rest of your smile.

They fix multiple types of blemishes

Once a veneer is placed on a tooth, it completely transforms the tooth’s appearance. Because this transformation requires minimal changes to your teeth, veneers can be recommended to address a wide range of concerns with your tooth structure and appearance. For example, we often recommend placing one or more veneers to correct issues such as:

  • Worn down teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Minor tooth cracks
  • Teeth that seem too small
  • Large spaces between teeth
  • Slight tooth misalignment
  • And more

They’re minimally invasive

The ability to minimize the amount of changes made to your tooth structure is beneficial for many reasons. The reduced need for tooth preparation minimizes the amount of time and discomfort involved in your treatment. Your teeth will also remain stronger and healthier for longer after your veneers have been placed, thanks in large part to them retaining most of their healthy, natural structure. Compared to more extensive treatment options, veneers can help reduce your risks of experiencing issues with your teeth down the road, such as more extensive damage or increased risks of developing decay.

Learn if you can benefit from veneers

Besides the lifelike appearance of dental porcelain, veneers are becoming increasingly more popular because they can help patients with several different types of cosmetic blemishes. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call the office of Michael J. Young, DDS, in Lafayette, LA, at 337-237-6453. We proudly serve patients who live in Breaux Bridge, Broussard, Scott, Youngsville, and all surrounding communities.