3 Issues That Can Make It Harder For You To Avoid Cavities

How much of a cavity risk do you currently face? Is your normal smile routine as effective as you would like to believe? Cavities are a common problem, and you can affect your risk in more ways than you might realize. Your effective brushing and flossing routine can be undermined because of your weakness for soft drinks, or because you are not attending regular dental exams. If you do have an issue with tooth decay, you should know that your Lafayette, LA dentist is ready to help by offering a modern approach to restorative dental work. You can also learn more about effective strategies for preventive dental care during a regular checkup.

1. Letting Bad Brushing And Flossing Habits Go Unchecked

If you brush and floss each day, you may feel that you are doing enough to protect yourself from the effects of dental decay. What you should know is that the effectiveness of these activities can depend more on the way you approach these tasks than you realize. If you are not spending at least two minutes on brushing, you can leave areas poorly cleaned. If you do not floss each day, you can allow bacteria and food debris to gather between your teeth.

2. Ignoring How Much Sugar You Consume In A Typical Day

Unfortunately, sugary snacks can be hard to avoid. Your office vending machine can be full of sweets, and you can have a hard time turning down a soda during a meal at a restaurant. These habits can catch up to you, and leave you in need of restorative dental work. Be mindful of the choices you make when you grocery shop, and eat out. You might be surprised to see just how much sugar you are enjoying without even realizing it!

3. Avoiding Routine Dental Checkups

Routine dental checkups help you avoid cavities, and they help you avoid the kind of complicated oral health issues that might affect you when you miss early warning signs of trouble. If you only see your dentist when you think something is wrong, you are more likely to have a problem that calls for more than just a dental filling. An advanced cavity that causes you pain can require a root canal treatment and a dental crown to be properly restored!

Dr. Young Can Help You Protect Your Smile Against Cavities

Michael J. Young, DDS in Lafayette, LA is ready to take care of any cavities that have developed on your teeth. With that said, you should know that regular dental exams can lower your risk for troubles like tooth decay and gum disease, and help you maintain a more attractive smile.  To learn more, contact us today at our Lafayette, LA, dentist’s office at 337-237-6453.