Bad Habits In The Morning Can Have An Effect On Your Smile

The start of your day can affect your attitude, and your energy levels. If you oversleep and rush to work without a proper breakfast, you can spend your morning distracted and famished. If you give yourself time to properly wake up and mentally prepare for your routine, you can stay in good spirits throughout your day. One thing you should know is that the habits you keep in the morning affect more than just your mood – certain bad habits at the start of your day can negatively affect your smile. Remember that smart daily habits, plus regular dental exams with your Lafayette, LA dentist, can be important for maintaining healthy, attractive teeth.

Make Sure You Take Time To Properly Clean Your Teeth

How much time do you have to brush your teeth before you rush off to work? If you try to rush this step to make up for hitting the snooze button, or if you occasionally skip it, you can raise your cavity risk. You should give yourself at least two minutes in the morning to look in the mirror and thoroughly brush. Staying consistent with this behavior will help you fight the accumulation of bacteria that can lead to plaque and tartar formation.

What Can Your Typical Breakfast Choices For Your Smile?

The food on your plate during breakfast may affect your chances of suffering a cavity, and needing restorative dental work. Many popular breakfast items, like doughnuts and pastries, are packed with sugar. You can also find that your favorite cereal is high in sugar, too. Look for healthy items like granola and fruit when you shop for yourself.

Your morning habits can affect your oral health, and they can impact your smile. If you regularly consume several cups of coffee to feel properly awake, you can leave stains on your enamel that require a professional whitening treatment to remedy.

Smile-Friendly Tips You Can Follow During Your Typical Morning

With smarter habits at the start of your day, you can avoid the kind of dental problems that require a dental filling, or dental crown.

  • If your morning routine does not include allotted time for brushing, you may find it easier to skip this step. Consider this action a fixed part of your day.
  • Make sure you have healthy breakfast items available to you. As with any meal, you should keep your sugar intake low, and look for more nutrient-rich products that you can keep.
  • Your morning can have a direct effect on your smile care when it comes to planning your lunch, and snacks. Bringing healthy foods to your office can keep you away from harmful items in the vending machine.

Dr. Young Can Help You Keep Your Smile In Good Condition

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