Improving Your Appearance And Oral Health After Tooth Loss

You can understandably have some concerns about the way tooth loss affects the way others perceive you. You can look older, and less healthy, if you have a noticeable gap due to a missing tooth. You can also find yourself dealing with frustration over the way tooth loss makes biting and chewing more difficult. Your Lafayette, LA dentist can walk you through your options for replacing lost teeth. Our practice can use different types of dental prostheses to give you back your complete smile. You can also find out how dental implants improve your experience with your restoration.

Tooth Loss Can Affect Your Smile, And Create Trouble For Your Dental Function

A single missing tooth can be a problem for the way you look, and it can demand you change your approach to biting and chewing food. If you have several missing teeth, or if you have lost an entire row of teeth, the problems you face can be even steeper. You should know that the troubles you face can actually worsen over time, because of jawbone resorption. This refers to an issue where your jawbone deteriorates over time, which occurs because the roots of your teeth are no longer present to stimulate the bone.

Improving Your Smile With Modern Prosthetic Work

A modern dental prosthetic can make you feel better about the way you look when you smile. A dental bridge can take up the place of a single missing tooth, or several teeth in a row. When you bite, chew, and speak, you can count on your bridge to stay in place because it is held by a pair of dental crowns, which are set on teeth neighboring a smile gap. A denture completely replaces a row of teeth.

Dental Implants Offer Important Oral Health Benefits

Can a dental implant, or dental implants, add more value to your experience with a dental prosthetic? You can actually see several exciting benefits from implant support. Implants stimulate the jawbone – that stimulation triggers the delivery of nutrients to the bone, and protects you against jawbone resorption. Implants also help keep neighboring teeth stable. You can find that you bite, chew, and speak with more comfort as your implant holds a restoration secure.

Talk To Dr. Young About Using Dental Implants To Hold A Modern Prosthetic

Michael J. Young, DDS is ready to help Lafayette, LA residents who have experienced tooth loss! Our practice can talk to you about receiving a modern, dental implant-held prosthetic to address your concerns. You can enjoy better confidence, and better dental function, after you address that frustrating gap in your smile! To learn more about prosthetic dental work, or any other service we provide, contact us today at our Lafayette, LA, dentist’s office at 337-237-6453.