Treating TMJ Dysfunction Can Put A Stop To Recurring Pain

Just about every activity can be harder to enjoy, or manage, when you have recurring issues with pain. Your work day can feel considerably longer when you are dealing with chronic headaches, or pain in your face and neck. Even fun outings with friends or family can be less pleasant if you have to put up with discomfort. If you have been suffering from frequent discomfort, the issue may be due to TMJ dysfunction, a problem with your jaw joints and/or muscles. To put a stop to it, and improve your quality of life, schedule an appointment with your Lafayette, LA dentist’s office.

Aches And Pains That Can Relate To TMJ Dysfunction

There are varying aches and pains that may be connected to TMJ dysfunction. Persistent headaches and migraines may be related to this problem. You can also have troubles with your jaw movement that affects how comfortable you are with speaking, biting, and chewing. If you tend to feel sensitivity or soreness in your teeth and jaw in the mornings, you could be feeling the effects of bruxism, which frequently affects people who have untreated issues with TMJ dysfunction.

TMJ Dysfunction May Be Connected To Your Teeth Grinding Issues

Teeth grinding can become a serious problem if it is not treated in time. You can clench your jaw with more force than you might anticipate – after enough time passes, you can actually hurt your teeth severely enough to create noticeable chips or cracks. If your problems with TMJ dysfunction include a tendency to clench your teeth, you could wind up in need of dental crowns to address those teeth that become damaged.

Using A Special Appliance To Provide Relief From TMJ Dysfunction

A special oral appliance can be recommended in cases where a person is suffering from TMJ dysfunction. Your dentist will make sure that your appliance is ideally shaped and sized for you to wear comfortably. The presence of this insert, or guard, can protect you against the serious effects of teeth grinding, which means you can avoid needing restorative dental work or cosmetic dental work to address dental damage. Your guard can also put your jaw joints in a more relaxed position, and steadily alleviate the pressure that can cause you to feel the symptoms of TMJ dysfunction.

Talk To Dr. Young About Addressing Your Concerns Over TMJ Dysfunction

Michael J. Young, DDS is ready to help patients who are struggling with the effects of TMJ dysfunction. If you are concerned about chronic teeth grinding, headaches, pains in your face and neck, or any other troubles, schedule an appointment to find out how Dr. Young can help you! To learn more, contact us today at our Lafayette, LA, dentist’s office at 337-237-6453.

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