Sedation Can Help You Manage Anxieties About Dental Work

It can be a relief to know that modern restorative dental work is able to repair problems with your teeth while also preserving the look of your smile. Your Lafayette, LA dentist can make sure that the work you undergo to address problems like tooth decay will not hurt your appearance, while still ensuring your oral health is being properly managed. Unfortunately, modern services can still feel out of reach for someone who suffers from dental anxiety. If you are someone who has trouble feeling comfortable in the dentist’s chair, you should know that dental sedation can help you feel at ease while you receive quality treatment.

Discomfort Over Dental Care Can Make People Miss Out On Important Smile Support

Feeling uncomfortable with the idea of restorative dental work, or even routine preventive dental services, can make it harder for you to properly protect your smile. Your struggle to make an appointment can lead to a problem growing progressively worse, and further damaging your tooth. If you are skipping regular dental exams because you feel uneasy about oral health care, you face a higher risk for problems because you are missing our on valuable treatments.

How Sedation Helps You Stay Comfortable During A Procedure

Dental sedation is used to help people who have recurring feelings of anxiety, as well as for people who are nervous about a particular procedure. You can choose between nitrous oxide and an oral sedative for your appointment. Both of these options allow you to remain conscious, but calm, throughout your visit. The effects of an oral sedative can be stronger, but those effects take longer to dissipate, which means you will need help arrive and leaving your appointment. Nitrous oxide can allow you to feel at ease, and its effects wear off quickly enough to avoid transportation concerns.

Have You Been Avoiding The Dentist’s Office Due To Anxiety?

When you avoid the dentist, you lose out on the kind of preventive dental care that can help you keep your smile healthy. Your visits involve a professional dental cleaning that can help you protect yourself against tooth decay and gum disease. During regular reviews, your dentist is able to identify developing problems, which can mean enjoying treatment before they grow more advanced. When you are not seeing your dentist for these appointments, there is a greater risk that a cavity will go undetected, and eventually require a root canal treatment.

Talk To Dr. Young About Managing Your Dental Anxieties Through Sedation

If you struggle with feelings of discomfort when you lie down in the dentist’s chair, sedation could offer valuable support. Lafayette, LA residents can count on quality oral care from Dr. Young. Our practice can use sedation to help you feel at ease, so you can look forward to the kind of services that let you keep your smile in the best possible shape! To find out more, contact us today at our Lafayette, LA, dentist’s office at 337-237-6453.