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Reasons A Bridge May Work For Your Smile

If you are missing even just one tooth, it is very important to consider tooth replacement. Missing teeth can continue to make an impact on the health of your mouth long after it has left your smile. Voids in your smile can limit your abilities with your mouth’s main functions, increase your risk of losing… Read more »

Lafayette Dentist Talks about Dental Bridges

Our family and cosmetic dental office provides multiple tooth replacement options. Losing teeth can have cosmetic and functional repercussions. Furthermore, the whole situation can be simply embarrassing. Addressing tooth loss in an expedient manner is important if you want to avoid issues like other teeth drifting out of place, or jawbone density issues. Your Lafayette… Read more »

Lafayette Dentist: Learn About Dentures with Today’s Quiz

Losing your teeth can be an embarrassing ordeal. In addition to making a person feel self-conscious, tooth loss also makes eating and even speaking difficult. Thankfully, your Lafayette dentist, Dr. Michael J. Young, offers an innovative solution to addressing missing teeth. In today’s blog, Dr. Young uses a fun and informative quiz to explain how… Read more »

Dental Bridge FAQs Answered by Dr. Young

Our Lafayette dental office provides several options for replacing missing teeth. Addressing tooth loss is important for a number of reasons, from cosmetic enhancement, to restoring tooth function and preventing dental issues. Your Lafayette dentist, Dr. Michael Young, will explain some of the benefits of a particular tooth replacement method, dental bridges, as well as… Read more »