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Last Minute Smile-Friendly Gifts

Christmas Eve is a week away, which means the hustle and bustle is on for holiday shopping. If you are still looking for a last minute gift for a loved one, we have some ideas. The best thing about these gift ideas is that they are also good for the smile. Smile-healthy gifts mean you… Read more »

Dentistry in the Dark Ages: Shakespeare and Pigs’ Teeth

When Shakespeare penned that “parting is such sweet sorrow,” he probably didn’t have dentistry in mind. Of course, a closer look at dental care in Shakespeare’s time suggests that this famous line could easily have applied to tooth extraction. General dentist Dr. Michael Young, who offers wisdom tooth extractions in Lafayette, LA, explains how far… Read more »

Fun and Fascinating Friday Dental Facts

We try to give you plenty of information about important topics in dentistry each week. Dentistry doesn’t always have to be serious, however. To lighten things up, enjoy some interesting (and sometimes amusing) dental facts, such as this: chocolate (of the dark variety and in moderation) is not only good for your heart, but also… Read more »

“Chewse” Wisely When It Comes to Chewing Gum

It’s a habit most of us enjoy as kids and many of us never grow out of as adults: chewing gum. We chew gum to freshen our breath after meals and to blow bubbles just for fun. When it comes to your oral health, gum can be a mixed bag: in some cases, gum can… Read more »

Lafayette Dentist Explains Popular Dental Veneer Brands

Have you considered having dental veneers placed? Then you may want to read today’s article. Veneers come in a variety materials; from porcelain and ceramic to composite resin, patients won’t have to worry about their options. Additionally, different brands of veneers exist, too. Here, Dr. Michael J. Young, your Lafayette, LA dentist shares popular dental… Read more »

Lafayette Dentist Explores Different Teeth of the World

The human tooth is an interesting biological study. Although small and perhaps the most commonly lost body part next to hair, teeth are surprisingly strong. Your teeth are strong enough to continually handle a human bite, which can exert up to 200psi of pressure. The enamel that covers them is the second strongest substance on… Read more »

Lafayette Dentist Quizzes You on the Importance of Saliva

Saliva is the clear, watery liquid in our mouths that we don’t generally wish to think a whole lot about. You may be surprised to know that saliva plays a rather important role in your dental health. Saliva is like a soldier waging battle against bad breath, dry mouth, and bacteria. Your Lafayette dentist, Dr…. Read more »

Lafayette Dentist Discusses How to Protect Teeth through Halloween Season

Candy, candy everywhere, so let’s all have a bite. Starting in October, children will be leveled with a barrage of seasonal candy displays in grocery stores. As school carnivals sweep in with cakewalks and apple bobbing, it might seem impossible to protect children’s teeth.  However, Dr. Michael J. Young provides a few tips to help… Read more »

Your Lafayette Dentist Gives Compelling Reasons to Smile

We all know a smile is important for social interaction, showing emotion, and making relationships. However, you may not know about the many other benefits that come along with flashing a big smile. Psychologists and sociologists have been studying the health benefits of smiling for decades, and our Lafayette dentist would like to share some… Read more »

Keeping a Strong Sense of Taste in Lafayette

Taste is the weakest of the five senses, but it’s responsible for distinguishing between sour lemons, sweet chocolate, and salty popcorn. Keeping your mouth healthy will keep your sense of taste strong, but other conditions can impair your taste. Dr. Young can help clean your mouth so you can enjoy your favorite flavors. How You… Read more »