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Treating TMJ Dysfunction Can Put A Stop To Recurring Pain

Just about every activity can be harder to enjoy, or manage, when you have recurring issues with pain. Your work day can feel considerably longer when you are dealing with chronic headaches, or pain in your face and neck. Even fun outings with friends or family can be less pleasant if you have to put… Read more »

Quiz: How TMJ Problems Can Intrude On Your Life

Aches and pains can intrude on quiet moments, and make stressful situations even more difficult to manage. If you struggle with TMJ dysfunction, the problems you experience can seriously hurt the quality of your life. There is no single cause for TMJ dysfunction, but the issue is rooted in troubles with your jaw joints, and/or… Read more »

Are There Signs That I Have TMJ Disorder?

Having chronic pain can make a big difference in your overall lifestyle. TMJ disorder, which is an overall term for dysfunction with your temporomandibular joints (TMJs), can create constant pain in your life.  The TMJs connect your both sides of your lower jaw to your skull and provide movement for your jaw and mouth. Having… Read more »

What Does It Mean If My Jaw Hurts And Pops?

Jaw pain can consist of constant throbbing pain in your jaw and cheeks or it could be sharp pains. The pain might even reach down to your temples, neck, and shoulders. Along with jaw pain, you may be experience popping or clicking. Even chronic headaches could be related to an issue with your jaw. Any… Read more »

Putting A Stop To Problems Created By TMJ Dysfunction

If you develop an issue with your jaw joints, or with the muscles that operate your jaw, you can find yourself dealing with a number of worrying symptoms. Patients with TMJ troubles may experience regular headaches, or pains in their face and neck. Routine dental functions can become compromised, and you can struggle with routine… Read more »

Are Your Headaches Caused by TMJ Disorder?

Body aches and pains can occur frequently enough that many people consider them a routine part of life; an annoying one, but one that simply must be tolerated. For instance, headaches can occur for almost limitless reasons. Therefore, rather than trace and treat a headache’s source, patients often prefer to grin and bear it, attacking… Read more »

Bruxism: More Than Just a Bad Habit

Has your sleep partner ever woken you up to say that you were grinding your teeth? This is how many people find out about their destructive habit, and it often goes undiagnosed for some time. Although many people believe that grinding your teeth is nothing to worry about, bruxism can actually be a serious oral… Read more »

TMJ Disorder: Why Jaws Shouldn’t Pop

Do you notice that your jaws pop when you open and close your mouth, or that your jaws sometimes lock in an open or closed position, unable to move for a moment or two? For some people, a popping/clicking jaw is little more than an annoyance, while for others, it can be painful enough to… Read more »

Can’t Explain Your Migraines? Look Into TMJ Disorder

Headaches are common for many people, and most of us have had at least one in our lifetime. Often, a headache means little more than stress, excessive eye strain from being in the sun too long, or listening to loud music consecutively for too long. A migraine, however, can be too intense to disregard as… Read more »

Relax! Your Smile Will Thank You For It

Most people would admit that relaxation is plenty of reason to smile. However, not as many people realize that taking a load off from time to time can actually improve the health of your smile by allowing you to decompress from compounding stress. Your Lafayette dentist, Dr. Michael J. Young, knows well that excessive stress… Read more »