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How to Tell if Your Root Canal Needs Therapy

Your dental health isn’t static. Your teeth can be perfectly healthy during one routine visit, and during the next, you may learn that a tooth is decaying and needs immediate treatment to restore it. Depending on the extent of the decay, you might be able to treat it by filling the cavity it caused in… Read more »

Experiencing Sudden Cavities?

Are you someone who hasn’t had a cavity in quite a while? Maybe you have never had problems with tooth decay! Whatever the case, when this frustrating issue suddenly crops up and you cannot figure out why it’s happening, it might be time to consider which medications you are taking. Even with the best of… Read more »

Protect Your Smile with Prompt Dental Restoration

Are you worried about your smile, namely the sense of discomfort you have been feeling lately, when you try to enjoy your meals or even a warm beverage, like a cup of cocoa, cider or coffee? Have you noticed deep staining on the surface of your teeth, or white patches on your teeth’s enamel? Many… Read more »

Can You Bounce Back from a Dental Cavity? Part Two

Getting diagnosed with a dental cavity is never fun. Fortunately, once you know there is a problem, the dentist can set forth to protecting your tooth and restoring your overall oral health, which is essential to preventing painful infections and even tooth loss. Fillings are one of the common ways dentists help protect teeth after… Read more »

Can You Bounce Back from a Dental Cavity? Part One

No one wants to hear that he or she has developed a dental cavity. Aside from noticeable discoloration, cavities can also cause heightened sensitivity or even discomfort while trying to enjoy meals or drinks. Unfortunately, if they are left untreated, cavities can even lead to painful tooth infections that could require root canal treatment or… Read more »

Busting The Myths About Root Canals

Don’t break out in a sweat if your dentist recommends root canal therapy. Although root canals seem like something out of a horror flick, they actually aren’t much different than getting a tooth filled. In fact, 41,000 root canal procedures are performed every day and nearly 90 percent of patients are satisfied with their treatment…. Read more »

3 Facts About Root Canal Therapy

Saving your teeth is always high on the list of priorities at your dental office, as well as protecting them from disease. Sometimes, improper hygiene techniques can lead to infections or nerve damage deep within the canals of your tooth. When this occurs, the best course of treatment is usually root canal therapy because it… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions About Cavities

When you think about the dentist, typically the first thing to come to mind is teeth, perhaps followed by cavities. A cavity can be described as an empty space within a solid object; in this case, a tooth. When cavities form, they hurt almost from the beginning.  Since they increase in size and can affect… Read more »

Quiz: What Causes Toothaches?

At some point in your life, you’ve probably experienced a toothache. The discomfort can range from mild to unbearable, depending the cause of your tooth pain. Understanding the factors behind a toothache can help you prevent future occurrences and protect your smile.

How Does Sugar Cause Cavities?

If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ve probably wondered, “why?” whenever someone warns you about candy’s danger to your teeth, or wished there were some way around it. Though sugar inevitably fuels the destructive processes that can threaten your smile, understanding these processes and sugar’s exact involvement in them can help you take measures… Read more »