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Improving Your Appearance And Oral Health After Tooth Loss

You can understandably have some concerns about the way tooth loss affects the way others perceive you. You can look older, and less healthy, if you have a noticeable gap due to a missing tooth. You can also find yourself dealing with frustration over the way tooth loss makes biting and chewing more difficult. Your… Read more »

Ways to Improve Your Chances of Avoiding Tooth Loss

Tooth loss affects a large percentage of adults to varying degrees, and it happens often enough that many people consider it a natural part of the aging process. However, most cases of tooth loss occur from highly preventable conditions, such as dental disease, and could be prevented with the right level of care and maintenance…. Read more »

Rebuilding Your Incomplete Smile With A Dental Prosthetic

If you are missing a tooth, or missing several teeth, you can be quite unhappy with your smile. Some people with this issue can go so far as to try and avoid smiling altogether! That being said, there are oral health issues that come with tooth loss that can cause serious issues, and also deserve… Read more »

Complete Your Smile This Holiday Season

When was the last time you smiled confidently? What about when you last enjoyed a meal, comfortably? Was it before your tooth loss? As a child, losing a tooth can prove an exciting rite of passage, and a chance to enjoy a treat – or two- from the Tooth Fairy. Unfortunately, for adults, tooth loss… Read more »

How Can a Dentist Help Complete Your Smile?

Did you recently suffer the loss of a tooth? As a child, losing a tooth can be downright exciting. From anticipation at the Tooth Fairy’s visit, to the pride of reaching such an important rite of passage, it can feel fun to lose a tooth for the first time. Unfortunately, as an adult, the emotions… Read more »

Is a Dental Implant Right for Me?

Did you recently lose a tooth? Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in America, but trauma and dental issues like untreated infections are other potential causes of tooth loss. Whatever the cause, however, the result is often the same. Adult tooth loss can cause a sense of insecurity and embarrassment, at… Read more »

Dental Implants: From Root to Crown

If you are scheduled for a dental implant procedure, or are considering the likelihood of scheduling one with your Lafayette, La dentist, you may be curious as to how an implant works. Dental implants are used to restore missing teeth, integrating a post, attaching an abutment, and setting a crown. The anchor is made of… Read more »

Lafayette Dentist Answer FAQs About Root Canal Therapy

Admit it, few things fill you with terror like the words “root canal”. Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Rumors and inaccurate information have harmed the reputation of this safe and comfortable procedure. Root canal therapy actually helps protect and preserve your smile against infection. In today’s blog, your Lafayette dentist, Dr. Michael Young, answers your questions… Read more »

The Evolution of Dentures, with Your Lafayette Dentist

The need to replace lost teeth has been present throughout human history, and like most necessities, solutions to tooth loss have evolved significantly over the ages. Perhaps one of the most well-known dental replacement devices is dentures, which have long helped patients regain their smiles and quality of life after suffering total tooth loss on… Read more »