Are you interested in options for Lumineers in Louisiana? A bright smile can be an excellent confidence booster. If you’re not satisfied with how your teeth look, visit the office of Michael J. Young and ask about getting dental veneers.

A Modern Choice

Those offered from the Lumineers brand are approximately as thin as a contact lens and go seamlessly over your teeth. Our office serves patients in cities including Lafayette, LA and Broussard, LA. We look forward to using our expertise to help you take pride in your smile, whether through this method, or an alternative.

Get Informed about Cosmetic Dentistry Options and Feel Empowered

Besides offering his patients the latest dental technologies, Dr. Young believes education is a powerful tool. While in our relaxed environment, you can feel comfortable about asking questions and gaining insight about how to take better care of your mouth between visits to the dentist, and what kinds of interventions might best meet your needs.

Whether you already know many of the reasons why patients frequently choose minimally invasive Lumineers to improve their smiles, or would like some more details about why this possibility could be right for you, you’ll feel more knowledgeable after leaving our dental practice.

Other Available Dental Care Services

Our office focuses on total oral health, so we offer more than just cosmetic dentistry techniques. Ask us for more information about sedation dentistry, restorative measures, and prosthetics. We can often handle emergency situations too.

Whether you live in Lafayette, LA, Broussard, LA or another nearby area, we want to help you have a beneficial experience in our office. Make your appointment by filling out our online contact form, or just give us a call. Perhaps you’re new to the area, or just looking for a different dental care provider. Whatever the case may be, we look forward to being your trusted resource for general and family dentistry.