prostheticdentistryTooth Loss is Widespread

Studies tell us, by the age of 35-44, nearly 70% of people have lost one or more natural teeth, and by age 76, 25% have lost all of their natural teeth. While tooth loss is not a natural part of aging, it is a reality for a great number of Americans. Teeth may be lost due to accident, injury, or disease. Gum disease, which affects all but 20% of American adults, is the main cause of tooth loss.

Why Replace Lost Teeth?

Can you live without teeth? Yes, but people with no teeth (edentulous people) don’t live as long, according to statistics. Quality of life and self-esteem can suffer because of lost teeth, as well. Many people are unaware, if you do not replace a missing tooth, you’re likely to lose more teeth in just four or five years. Furthermore, when teeth roots are absent from the jaw, the body begins to absorb jawbone tissue, so the jaw loses density and strength.

Types of replacement teeth:

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