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Make Significant Smile Corrections With Invisalign

How would you like to find a solution for poor dental alignment that will not require metal braces? For many patients, Invisalign aligners have served as an effective remedy for gaps and overlaps between teeth that have hurt their appearance. Rather than go through a period with metal braces correcting your smile, you can rely… Read more »

The Link Between Dental Alignment And Bite Function

If you have an untreated issue with your bite function, you may be vulnerable to several negative issues. You might not realize how much work you are demanding of certain teeth – over time, that excess wear and tear can make them more vulnerable to problems. You can also put too much stress on your… Read more »

How Should You Address A Gap In Your Smile?

A smile gap can draw undesired attention, and leave you feeling dissatisfied with your appearance. Many people fear that an issue with the spacing of their teeth can only be corrected with metal braces. In some cases, braces will be the best approach to fixing alignment problems, but you may have other treatment options. Cosmetic… Read more »

Taking Action To Fix Your Dental Alignment Concerns

By correcting problems with poor dental alignment, you can make a remarkable improvement to the quality of your smile. If you have been reluctant to seek a solution to problems with teeth that overlap, or gaps between teeth, due to concerns about braces, you can talk to your dentist about clear aligners. With clear aligners,… Read more »

Can Clear Braces Lead To The Smile Changes You Want?

What kind of cosmetic dental improvements should you expect when you straighten your teeth with clear braces? Orthodontic improvements can lead to serious esthetic improvements. You can make your smile appear more symmetrical, and address distracting gaps and overlaps. Clear braces even provide a more attractive smile during treatment, as they can adjust your teeth… Read more »

Taking Care Of An Alignment Issue That Hurts Your Smile

White, healthy teeth can add considerably to the quality of your appearance, but there are other factors that can interfere with how you look. One problem that affects many people is the alignment of teeth. If you exhibit signs of poor alignment, it can have a negative overall effect on how you look. This can… Read more »

Clear Braces Offer An Alternative To Orthodontic Care

Many people who need to undergo an orthodontic adjustment assume the only way forward is with metal braces. While these braces can make terrific changes to the position of your teeth, you may be worried about how they affect your appearance, and your daily life. After all, they are present on your teeth when you… Read more »

Quiz: What Can Be Done About Spacing And Alignment Issues?

Spacing and alignment issues can frustrate people, as they may draw unwanted attention, and hurt the overall quality of their smile. Many patients will go on to make corrections by undergoing a treatment with clear braces. Invisalign and ClearCorrect both provide orthodontic corrections that will gradually put your teeth in more appropriate positions, without requiring… Read more »

Finding The Right Solution For A Gap In Your Smile

A smile gap that stands out in your smile can be a bothersome presence. If you are self-conscious about the presence of a gap, it can undermine your confidence, and make you less comfortable with how you look. Gaps can be caused by alignment issues, but some patients will have this problem because of size… Read more »

Using Clear Braces To Fix Alignment Flaws

Having orthodontic work can help you correct crooked teeth, close smile gaps, and improve both your appearance, and your oral health. When you use clear braces to make these adjustments, you can see results without having to wear conspicuous bracket and wire braces for an extended period of time. Clear braces are made from see-through… Read more »