Perfecting Teeth with Bonding & Contouring

While teeth-whitening offers an effective and convenient solution for common teeth stains, tooth bonding and contouring can offer solutions for issues like chipped, worn, cracked, and jagged teeth. Minor imperfections can have a dramatic impact on your smile’s overall appearance, but in many cases, correcting them doesn’t require extensive tooth preparation or alteration. Tooth bonding is the process of applying tooth-colored composite resin to the blemished tooth, then sculpting and hardening the resin to build up the tooth. By contrast, contouring a tooth involves gently sculpting a small amount of enamel to smooth sharp or overlapping edges, or to improve a tooth that seems too large.

The Value of Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Treatment

Together, tooth bonding and contouring can significantly improve several different kinds of blemishes at once while minimizing the amount of treatment you receive. Besides their highly lifelike results, the benefits of keeping your cosmetic improvement minimally invasive include improving the long-term health and integrity of your smile. For instance, by minimizing the amount of tooth structure that your dentist alters, bonding and contouring help keep your teeth stronger compared to treatments such as porcelain veneers and dental crowns. Stronger teeth are less likely to suffer damage or develop tooth decay, which makes you less likely to need more extensive treatment later.

Touch Up Your Smile with Bonding & Contouring

By fine-tuning the size, shape, and appearance of your teeth, bonding and contouring can completely transform your smile in less time, and with fewer treatments, than you may have expected. To learn more, schedule a consultation with us by calling the office of Michael J. Young, DDS, in Lafayette, LA, today at 337-237-6453.