Bringing the Lafayette Community Together in January

The Lafayette community isn’t just about fun, but also building each other up and helping those who need it in any way possible. This January, those goals are at the forefront of several different initiatives, each of which is designed to help bring everyone in the community together for the greater good. From blood drives to help people with rare blood disorders to helping the homeless and those who need assistance with their social security benefits, you’ll find a charitable cause to volunteer for no matter what your passion is! (more…)

How Do Dental Implants Compare to Other Prostheses?

You shouldn’t ignore any concern with your smile’s health and wellbeing, but when it comes to tooth loss, hesitating to act could lead to a complex series of problems. For instance, a missing tooth not only affects your smile’s appearance, but it also changes how well your bite works and can impact the alignment of your remaining teeth. Without the root of the tooth in place, your jawbone can also suffer from a lack of stimulation when you bite and chew. The point of replacing your lost tooth as soon as possible is to reduce or eliminate your risks of such issues, and for patients at our Lafayette, LA, dental office, implants can often achieve that goal best. (more…)

Think You Know Teeth-Whitening? Find Out if You’re Right

There are many different reasons why teeth-whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments today. For example, it’s one of the least invasive of all procedures, involving little more than applying professional bleaching gel to the surfaces of your teeth. It’s also highly effective, allowing you to quickly and effectively erase noticeable teeth stains and restore your smile’s youthful appearance. However, many patients who visit our Lafayette, LA, dental office don’t fully realize the benefits that teeth-whitening can provide, or the importance of choosing professional treatment over one-size-fits-all products from the store. (more…)

Is There a Treatment for Teeth-Grinding?

These days, you have a treatment option for any condition that could affect your oral health. The thing about excessive teeth-grinding, though, is that not everyone who experiences it realizes that it’s a problem. Bruxism, the clinical name for chronic teeth-grinding, isn’t always obvious. While you may catch yourself grinding your teeth throughout the day once in a while, many patients who experience bruxism will grind their teeth most often at night. At our Lafayette, LA, dental office, we can help you determine if you do suffer from bruxism and how best to treat your teeth-grinding problem. (more…)

A Few Fun Events in Lafayette this Month!

January is a special month for many reasons. Not only is it the start of the year, but there’s a plethora of things to do to help get the family excited about starting the year off right! From free, fun educational activities and community pet care services to a gumbo cookoff for food lovers of all ages, Lafayette offers something for everyone to kickstart their year with a little fun and self-improvement.   (more…)

Why Clear Aligners Could Be Better than You Think

People who have to straighten their teeth have a lot to ponder. If they’ve never worn braces, then they may worry about what having them could mean for their daily lives. If they have, then they may be dismayed about the fact that they have to wear them again. Fortunately, we offer patients an often better solution at our Lafayette, LA, dental office. With the help of clear aligners, you can straighten your smile without hesitation, and without having to worry about the common inconveniences that may come with traditional braces. (more…)

I Want To Reach My Smile Goals

I Want To Reach My Smile GoalsThe start of the new year is a popular time for people to reflect on their goals. When it comes to your smile, you may have goals having to do with the way it looks. You may also have goals of getting your smile in good health. Whatever your specific wants are, your dentist can help you achieve them. Your dentist can also help you determine what is best for your smile’s needs as well. Our office in Lafayette, LA is currently hosting some fantastic patient specials that may align perfectly with your smile goals. (more…)

Different Types Of Dental Crowns

Different Types Of Dental CrownsA dental crown is sort of like a permanent helmet for a vulnerable tooth. It can be placed on your tooth to last for a very long time. A dental crown can offer protection for a tooth that may have been severely decayed or damaged. A crown is often placed after a root canal treatment. There are different reasons for restoring a tooth with a crown, but did you know that there are also different types of dental crowns? Crowns can be made out of different materials; the material used will depend on several factors. Factors such as placement in the smile and cosmetic goals can all play into the type of crown chosen to restore a tooth. Your dental team in Lafayette, LA can help you understand a crown’s role in your smile in order for you to choose the best type of crown for you.  (more…)

New Year’s Resolutions For Your Smile

New Year's Resolutions For Your Smile Today is New Year’s Eve; are you ready for the countdown to 2019? Some people make a New Year’s resolution every single year, while some do not even bother with it. Whether or not you are a person who makes New Year’s resolutions, we have some ideas on how to get a healthier smile in 2019. Feel free to try out any of the three following resolution ideas or try out all three. It is important to remember that prevention and vigilance are the best things for protecting your smile. Your dental team in Lafayette, LA is here to help you with your smile’s health. We also wish you a very Happy New Year!   (more…)

Why Do I Need To Stop Grinding My Teeth?

Why Do I Need To Stop Grinding My Teeth?You may have been told by your dentist at some point that it looks like you have been grinding your teeth. Your dentist may have even recommended that you stop grinding your teeth. Likely they helped pinpoint a cause for the habitual grinding of your teeth (also known as bruxism) in an effort to help you stop. If you are asleep when you do it, are you that worried about grinding your teeth? Should you be? The short answer is yes. Teeth grinding can weaken your teeth and increase your risks for tooth decay and gum disease. Habitual teeth grinding can also put a lot of strain on your jaw joints. Your dentist in Lafayette, LA is here to help you stop grinding your teeth and restore any areas of your smile already affected.  (more…)