What Are Your Treatment Options For Closing A Smile Gap?

A gap between your teeth can lead to a distraction that hurts an otherwise lovely smile. While you can be self-conscious about a gap caused by poor dental alignment, or an undersized tooth, you may be unsure of how to best address the matter. While orthodontic work can appear to be the best treatment route, you may be able to address the matter by arranging cosmetic dental treatment instead. The right cosmetic treatment may be able to close that smile gap in a relatively short time, so you can see results sooner! Your Lafayette, LA dentist can talk to you about your cosmetic dental treatment options, or let you know if you would be better served by orthodontic care. (more…)

Bring Up Your Questions About Oral Care At Your Next Checkup

Your Lafayette, LA dentist’s office will provide important services during your routine dental exam. Over the course of your visit, you can count on great care in the form of a dental cleaning that removes plaque and bacteria, on top of a thorough review of your smile to find any oral health problems that might need to be managed. What you should know is that you can certainly use this time as an opportunity to talk with your dentist about your questions and concerns about smile care between visits. By having your questions addressed, you can make improvements to your smile routine that help you better avoid cavities and gum disease. (more…)

Improving Your Smile By Changing The Shape Or Size Of Teeth

The right cosmetic dental procedure can be of great value to someone who feels that they have certain teeth that seem to be the wrong shape or size. This problem can be particularly frustrating because it can occur naturally, and not as the result of an oral health issue or dental injury. You can be happy to know that your Lafayette, LA dentist is prepared to help you make changes to teeth that appear too large, too small, or misshapen in some other way. There are several procedures that may be able to help you. What you might realize is that the right solution is less about working on your teeth, and more about addressing issues with your periodontal tissues. (more…)

That Pain In Your Tooth Could Be A Symptom Of A Cavity

If you just spend a little time toughing the matter out, you can wait for a toothache to subside on its own, and avoid a trip to the dentist’s office…right? This mindset can lead to trouble for your oral health. The pain in your tooth can be a symptom of a cavity, one that is serious enough to start affecting your pulp. When this occurs, you can suffer discomfort, and experience sensitivity issues. Treating the problem may call for a root canal procedure to make sure the matter is fully resolved. Your Lafayette, LA dentist’s office is ready to help you determine what is happening with your aching tooth before scheduling the appropriate restorative dental care. (more…)

Veneers Can Make Big Changes With Minimal Preparatory Work

For a big change to happen with your smile, you would obviously need to do significant work on your teeth…right? You can actually be surprised at just how remarkable your smile improvements are when you have porcelain veneers placed. Your Lafayette, LA dentist can provide these slim restorations for your smile after minimal work to make room for them on the front of your teeth. Once placed, custom veneers are effective at hiding problems with the shape, size, condition, and even the color of your teeth! Once this procedure is complete, you can be amazed at the quality improvements you see! (more…)

Sedation Can Help You Manage Anxieties About Dental Work

It can be a relief to know that modern restorative dental work is able to repair problems with your teeth while also preserving the look of your smile. Your Lafayette, LA dentist can make sure that the work you undergo to address problems like tooth decay will not hurt your appearance, while still ensuring your oral health is being properly managed. Unfortunately, modern services can still feel out of reach for someone who suffers from dental anxiety. If you are someone who has trouble feeling comfortable in the dentist’s chair, you should know that dental sedation can help you feel at ease while you receive quality treatment. (more…)

Make Significant Smile Corrections With Invisalign

How would you like to find a solution for poor dental alignment that will not require metal braces? For many patients, Invisalign aligners have served as an effective remedy for gaps and overlaps between teeth that have hurt their appearance. Rather than go through a period with metal braces correcting your smile, you can rely on discreet, removable clear appliances to help you change your appearance for the better. Your Lafayette, LA dentist’s office can talk with you about this procedure, or other treatment options that can give you desired smile improvements. (more…)

Finding A Whitening Treatment You Can Fit In Your Schedule

People can sometimes fixate on their schedule when they are thinking about cosmetic dental work. In some cases, that fixation involves worrying that there is just no way to make real smile improvements before a looming event. In other circumstances, people feel that they lack the time to go in for a dental procedure. Your Lafayette, LA dentist can actually help you see meaningful improvements through a whitening treatment that fits your schedule. You can take home a whitening kit that you use on your own time, rather than trying to fit in an appointment during office hours. You can also arrange a single appointment for a whitening treatment that produces significant changes! (more…)

3 Issues That Can Make It Harder For You To Avoid Cavities

How much of a cavity risk do you currently face? Is your normal smile routine as effective as you would like to believe? Cavities are a common problem, and you can affect your risk in more ways than you might realize. Your effective brushing and flossing routine can be undermined because of your weakness for soft drinks, or because you are not attending regular dental exams. If you do have an issue with tooth decay, you should know that your Lafayette, LA dentist is ready to help by offering a modern approach to restorative dental work. You can also learn more about effective strategies for preventive dental care during a regular checkup. (more…)

Improving Your Appearance And Oral Health After Tooth Loss

You can understandably have some concerns about the way tooth loss affects the way others perceive you. You can look older, and less healthy, if you have a noticeable gap due to a missing tooth. You can also find yourself dealing with frustration over the way tooth loss makes biting and chewing more difficult. Your Lafayette, LA dentist can walk you through your options for replacing lost teeth. Our practice can use different types of dental prostheses to give you back your complete smile. You can also find out how dental implants improve your experience with your restoration. (more…)