Two Types Of Tooth Discoloration

Two Types Of Tooth DiscolorationIt is a common belief that all tooth discoloration is the same. The misconception stems a little bit further to assume that all tooth discoloration comes from stains on the outside of the tooth. However, there are different types of tooth discoloration. While one type does come from external factors building up on the outer layer of enamel of teeth, another type comes from the inside of the tooth. Understanding these types of tooth discoloration can save you from years of frustration trying to remove a stain that you may never be able to reach. The different types of tooth discoloration must be managed differently. If you are frustrated with the color of your teeth, talk to Dr. Young in Lafayette, LA about your options to getting a shade you can be happy with.  (more…)

End The Year With Straighter, Whiter Teeth

End The Year With Straighter, Whiter TeethFor a lot of people in Lafayette, LA, the holiday season is a time for joy, laughter, and smiles. If you feel insecure about your smile’s appearance, it may be a great time to get it to a place where you feel confident. Two common things that can affect someone’s confidence in their smile is crookedness and a dull, yellow appearance. Straightening and whitening your smile can be great ways to get it to a place where you want to show off your smile more often. Did you know that just the act of smiling can improve your mood? Straightening your smile can be important to your oral health as well as to your smile’s appearance.  (more…)

Get A Filling Sooner Than Later

Get A Filling Sooner Than LaterIt can be disappointing to hear from your dentist that you need a dental filling. That disappointment could lead to some procrastination, which ultimately can lead to worsening problems for your smile. If your dentist recommends that you treat a tooth with a filling, it is best to do it sooner than later. Specifically when it comes to this time of year in Lafayette, LA, it is better to get a filling done as soon as it is recommended. Winter time is filled with holidays that you want to enjoy without a toothache. It is also the end of year, which is a great time to check in on your dental insurance benefits that may not roll into 2019.  (more…)

Colder Weather: Dry Lips And Dry Mouth

Colder Weather: Dry Lips And Dry MouthIt is that time of the year when the air starts to feel a bit colder and our skin starts to feel a bit drier. Along with our skin feeling more dry, our lips and mouth can feel dry, too. Dry, cracked lips can often be managed with some moisturizing lip balm, but what do you do if your mouth just seems to be chronically dry? A dry mouth can be a hospitable environment for the harmful bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Recognizing a dry mouth and dealing with it can help lower these risks of oral health problems. If you feel like you have a dry mouth, talk to your dentist in Lafayette, LA for advice on how to manage it.  (more…)

Southern Screen Film Festival

Southern Screen Film FestivalSouthern Screen Film Festival is hosted by Southern Screen, a nonprofit organization in Lafayette, Louisiana that focuses on local storytelling and the entertainment industry. This year’s 2018 festival will be held from Wednesday, November 7th through Sunday, November 11th. This is the eighth year of the festival and it will feature a large number of events including networking events, workshops, seminars, film screenings, parties, live music, screenwriting opportunities, and more! There will also be free workshops for teens and kids. The Kids Filmmaking Workshop, presented by AOC Community Media, that will be free for children from the ages 8 to 12. The Teen Animation Workshop, presented by the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE), will be free for pre-teens and teens ages 11-15.  (more…)

Is Gum Disease Related To Diabetes?

Is Gum Disease Related To Diabetes? Did you know that November is National Diabetes Month in the United States? The month is designed to bring awareness to diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, and gestational). To help celebrate this month and do our part for spreading awareness, we want to focus on the link between gum disease and all types of diabetes. Gum disease is more likely to occur for people with diabetes. Periodontal disease can also be quite dangerous and problematic for diabetics. Taking good care of your smile is important for everyone, but it can be extremely important for those with a condition like diabetes. Talk to Dr. Young in Lafayette, LA about your smile’s health and needs.  (more…)

Poor Oral Health & High Blood Pressure

Poor Oral Health & High Blood PressureThe American Heart Association recently released a study showing that people with high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) can be better controlled when the mouth is healthy. The study also showed that people with periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) can worsen blood pressure and interfere with treatment. What does this link between gum disease and hypertension mean to you? Well, if you have been in a battle with high blood pressure, you may need to visit the dentist to check on your oral health. Conversely, if you have been battling gum disease, you may need to visit your doctor to check on your blood pressure. Improving your gum health could help lower your blood pressure, which can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. Dr. Young and his team in Lafayette, LA are here to help you keep you and your smile in good health.  (more…)

Reasons To Stop Grinding Your Teeth

reasons to stop grinding teethDid you know that the technical term for the habitual grinding of teeth is bruxism? Bruxism is a condition in which you subconsciously clench your teeth and grind your teeth together. If it happens while you are sleeping, it may not seem like that big of a deal to you. However, it is important to know that the nightly grinding of your teeth could be causing problems for your smile. Your dentist can help you to stop grinding your teeth together, as well as help deal with the consequences that may already exist. Your dental team in Lafayette, LA wants to help you stop grinding your teeth for your smile’s health.  (more…)

Important Reminders About Tooth Decay

Important Reminders About Tooth DecayTooth decay is an incredibly common condition. The commonality of it can sometimes lull people into thinking it is not an important or serious issue. However, tooth decay can cause severe problems for your smile and your overall health when left untreated. Preventing tooth decay is often as easy as practicing good oral hygiene every day and visiting your dentist for routine exams and cleanings. For people at a higher risk of decay, the routine dental visits become even more important as hygiene may not be enough to prevent decay from developing. If you live in or near Lafayette, LA, our team can help you keep your smile healthy.  (more…)

This Weekend’s Fun In Lafayette

This Weekend's Fun In LafayetteThe last weekend before Halloween is often filled with parties and trick-or-treating. In Lafayette, LA, there are plenty of cultural events and fun things to do this weekend (most not having anything to do with Halloween). If you are looking for something fun to do by yourself, with friends, or with the family, we have gathered a list together of some of the highlights. Our office can help you to schedule your next dental exam and cleaning, too! (more…)