The Best Treatment Is Prevention

As advanced as dental health care has become over the last several decades, one thing always remains the same—prevention is still the best treatment. That’s why sticking to a schedule of regular preventive visits, like checkup and cleaning appointments, is vital to ensuring your smile stays healthy for life. To help our patients enjoy the benefits of excellent dental health, we offer a number of treatments in addition to checkups and cleanings, each one designed to optimize your bite’s function and the alignment of your teeth, jaws, and oral structures. When such issues are addressed early, you have a much greater chance at avoiding the need for more extensive treatment to restore your smile and bite function later.

Prevention and Maintenance

The reason dental cleanings are necessary is because oral bacteria—the building blocks of plaque and tartar—are the leading causes of progressive issues like tooth decay and gum disease. The reason checkups are important is because they allow your dentist to check for signs that you may be at a high risk of dental health issues. In addition to tooth decay and gum disease, such issues may also include bruxism and TMJ disorder, which affect your bite’s function, or snoring and sleep apnea, which can result from abnormal oral tissues.

For optimal care, we offer a wide range of preventive services, including:

Avoid Problems with Preventive Care

With modern dental care, you can conservatively address most issues that threaten your smile. Yet, your best bet lies in avoiding problems at all by sticking to a routine schedule of preventive dentistry. To learn more, schedule an appointment with us by calling the office of Michael J. Young, DDS, in Lafayette, LA, today at 337-237-6453.