Preventive Dentistry

PreventiveThe Generation of Lasting Smiles

Today, we have access to more information than any previous generation. The Internet, public education, and access to health care have transformed how patients and doctors approach treatment. This has led to a generation of Americans who are retaining their natural teeth longer than any previous generation. Dr. Young wants you to leverage knowledge and information to prevent serious health problems and to keep your smile strong and beautiful throughout life.

Bacterial Invasion

Your mouth is home to over 600 different types of bacteria, and scientists believe that number is conservative. While some oral bacteria are good, other types can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and serious health risks, like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and, some believe, certain forms of cancer. The mouth offers bacteria direct access to your body and blood stream. Controlling oral bacteria will help you retain your natural teeth, while improving your potential for good overall health and high quality of life.

More Than You Can Provide

Preventive dentistry involves the brushing, flossing, gum chewing, mouth rinsing, and diet you control at home. Six-month checkups and cleanings, as well as following through with necessary dental work, are also preventive dentistry. At checkups, if Dr. Young finds that your existing dental work is failing, or if our hygienist says you’re at high risk for gum disease, following their advice can prevent more serious problems in the future. Our goal is to help you enjoy a long life, filled with healthy, beautiful smiles.

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