Gum Contouring

gumcontouringLaser Dentistry

For many years, lasers have made surgical procedures less traumatic and invasive. Today, Dr. Young uses a soft tissue laser to perform periodontal procedures, such as gum contouring. The laser is a strong, focused light that can trim away gum tissue without the need for a scalpel or stitches. Patients often report minimal or no bleeding, minimal or no swelling, and a prompt recovery following treatment.

Why Gums Need Contouring

No one is perfect, and no smile is like another. In some people, gum tissue grows long, covering a good portion of front teeth. This overgrown tissue makes teeth appear short or stubby. By removing some of the gum tissue, underlying tooth enamel is revealed to make teeth appear longer and larger.

Another common issue is uneven gum tissue. When the gum line is longer on one tooth than another, teeth may appear different sizes. With laser dentistry, Dr. Young can even out the gum line for a more attractive overall appearance.

Crown lengthening is a gum procedure that is sometimes used prior to placing a dental crown. By reducing gum tissue, we can make more room for a crown.

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