Checkups and Cleanings

checkup&cleaningSix-Month Checkups

Why visit the dentist if you don’t have a toothache? One word: Prevention.

At checkups, Dr. Young will examine your teeth, gums, other soft tissues, jaw alignment, and your head, and neck. He’ll ask about changes in your oral health or new concerns, like bad breath, toothaches, tooth discoloration, or jaw pain. If you consistently snore or think you may have sleep apnea, tell Dr. Young during your checkup – the problem may relate to your mouth. By finding oral problems in their early stage, we can provide conservative treatment and save you the pain, frustration, and expense of more significant dental work in your future.

Technological Advances

Dr. Young uses DIAGNOdent, a laser, for cavity detection. This tool identifies areas of demineralization on tooth enamel, and demineralization is the precursor to tooth decay. We also use digital x-rays and panorex. These radiography systems use much less radiation than their traditional counterparts, so they’re safer for you. In addition, they provide our team with clear, detailed digital images of your mouth, for use in diagnosis and treatment planning. For more information about these tools, visit our dental technology page.

Six-Month Cleanings

A dental cleaning is not a checkup. A cleaning by one of our hygienists involves close examination of gums, as well as removal of plaque and tartar from teeth. Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is the main cause of tooth loss for adults in the US. The condition is also responsible for increased risk of serious health problems, like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, low-weight birth, and more. Research tells us, up to 80% of Americans have some level of gum disease, and the condition usually stems from buildup of bacterial plaque and tartar at the gum line. A dental cleaning every six months will reduce your risk for gum disease and related health concerns. It will also leave your teeth feeling smooth and looking great, so you’ll want to share your smile with everyone you meet.

Deep Cleanings & Periodontal Maintenance

If you have gum disease, our hygienist may suggest a deep cleaning. The procedure takes longer than a regular cleaning, so your appointment will be scheduled separately. At the visit, the hygienist will scale your teeth by removing tartar from below the gum line. She’ll also plane the roots of your teeth, smoothing them to reduce areas where plaque can accumulate. Gum disease is a chronic condition, so maintaining frequent cleanings is important to deterring recurrence. The hygienist will advise you of how often you should schedule a cleaning. She’ll also track your treatment progress at each of these visits.

An Invitation Just for You

Call Dr. Michael Young, DDS at (337) 23-SMILE to schedule your checkup, consultation, or second-opinion visit. Our Lafayette dentist office serves patients from the Youngsville, Broussard, Scott, Breaux Bridge , and surrounding communities. We are open Monday through Friday, and Dr. Young is always available to see dental emergency cases.