Restorative Dentistry

restorativedentistryOnly 1% of Americans Avoid Cavities

Since you were a child, you brushed and flossed, visited your dentist regularly, and avoided gum disease. Even when you take care of your teeth and gums, oral health problems may still arise. In fact, 99% of Americans have or will have a cavity at some point. An estimated 80% have some level of gum disease. By age 35-44, an estimated 69% of people lose at least one natural tooth, and at age 76, 25% of people have lost all of their natural teeth.

Maintaining Good Oral Health

The best practice is to visit Dr. Young every six months for a checkup, and schedule a cleaning with the hygienist at the same time. If we find that you need restorative dentistry, we will present our findings with a complete explanation of the situation. Please ask questions. The more you understand, the better informed you’ll be to make decisions for treatment, and the more confident you’ll feel about your decisions. Cavities, chips, fractures, infections, and impacted or dying teeth are a few issues we address with restorative dental care.

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Oral Health is Never a Lost Cause

According to some studies, 50% of Americans do not visit a dentist each year. For some, lack of access or financial concerns is the issue. For others, fear or embarrassment creates a barrier. Dr. Young and our team want you to know: we will never, ever judge you. We will always make you feel comfortable, and we offer sedation dentistry for fearful or phobic patients. We want to help you overcome obstacles that stand between you and good oral health.

If your oral health has faltered over the years, don’t despair. Dr. Young will provide a comprehensive evaluation, then work with you to great a practical plan for re-establishing good oral health and comfortable function. Share with us your concerns, goals, and history so that we can help you to the best of our ability. Your full-mouth restoration plan can completely restore oral health. Our goal is for you to enjoy a healthy mouth, a healthy body, and a wonderful life, filled with smiles.

An Invitation Just for You

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