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February 10, 2013

Ms. Shalli Trahan
Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
626 Verot School Road, Suite D
Lafayette, LA 70508

RE: Family Testimonial
Cc: Dr. Michael Young

Dear Shalli,

Please forgive my late response. We’ve been caring for Ms. Carrie’s ailing mother who is 93. And, with three sons working for our family business…I get periods of where things get so busy that I forget to keep checking my priority list! But, below is my testimony about my satisfaction with the services I’ve received at Dr. Michael’s office.

Tracy’s Testimony:

As a 56 year old patient with a lifetime bruxism problem, I had broken and chipped the majority of my teeth. When you couple that with a fear of going to the Dentist because of real or perceived pain and you’ve got a real anxiety issue on your hands. But, Dr. Young put me at ease with a long‐term plan to keep from losing any teeth, while handling my anxieties about pain. He utilizes a medication to calm me while applying anesthetic gas and analgesic injections. Once Dr. Young showed me how easily we could control the pain, both during and after work was performed, I started getting teeth crowned and repaired throughout my mouth.

I’ve been a patient for seven years now and we continue to rebuild damaged teeth and maintain my basic structure as well as the work that’s been performed. One thing for sure is that the work I’ve had done performs perfectly. Dr. Young makes sure the teeth fit together despite the problems with other teeth that still need repair. He has reworked one crown twice as he made sure it fit properly. You can’t ask for better dental work. The staff at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is very professional and a pleasure to work with on apportionments and emergency scheduling. Besides receiving quality dental work, a patient will find that Dr. Young and his staff are dedicated to working through the insurance claims. In fact, Dr. Young fought hard to get some work paid for that had been performed poorly years ago. He wrote a letter explaining the work and why it should be covered which saved me several hundred dollars. We deeply appreciate the great service and lasting friendships we developed as a family at Dr. Young’s office.


Best regards,