Lafayette Dentist: Sometimes, Adults Need Braces, Too

pretty girl covering mouth with handsAlthough adults with braces aren’t exactly a rare sight, many people still automatically associate traditional orthodontic treatment with younger children. Occlusal (tooth alignment) issues are most-effectively treated when detected early, such as before a child’s permanent teeth and jawbone fully develop. Early intervention can diminish the effects of these issues, making it easier to complete treatment when your child is older. However, malocclusion doesn’t only affect children, and even if you’ve never needed braces before, crooked teeth can force you to consider orthodontic treatment as an adult. Your Lafayette dentist, Dr. Michael J. Young, explains malocclusion and the need for braces, even as an adult.

Malocclusion for All Ages

Braces are largely associated with younger children and early treatment because problems with bite alignment often manifest themselves early. Nevertheless, your teeth can grow crooked and your bite misaligned for a number of reasons, like crowding as your permanent teeth erupt (especially wisdom teeth) or a dental injury. Regardless of what age your teeth became uneven, straightening them is a priority to your mouth’s continued good health and function.

The Need for Braces

Every smile is unique, and so is the severity of your crooked teeth. While malocclusion is more obvious the more severe it is, slightly crooked teeth can cause as much damage as severely crooked ones. When less-than-straight teeth throw your bite out of alignment, the result is frequently undue pressure on certain teeth and your jaw’s joints, leading to the chronic discomfort of TMJ disorder. As certain teeth absorb more pressure than they were meant to withstand, they can also suffer from structural damage, leading to the need for more extensive dental work later down the line.

Learn About Adult Braces from Your Lafayette Dentist

Ignoring crooked teeth is never a good idea. To learn more about the consequences of non-straight teeth and the need for adult braces, schedule an appointment with your Lafayette dentist by calling Dr. Young at (337) 237-6453. Located in the 70508 area, we proudly serve patients from Lafayette and all surrounding communities.