Do I Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

questionmarkyellowWe often find that wisdom teeth removal is a mystery to many patients. This is typically because this third set of molars doesn’t make an appearance until you have entered the end of your teen years or your early twenties. For some patients, wisdom teeth present no issue whatsoever. However, these final molars commonly require removal. Not sure why extractions are frequently necessary or how to find out if you might need your wisdom teeth removed? Allow us to clear up this topic.

How To Find Out

The only way to definitively find out if you need wisdom teeth removal is to visit us. We will provide you with a thorough examination, taking a look at your smile with our own eyes and then with the aid of advanced imaging. Digital X-rays will give us a detailed glance at your third molar development. Or, if your wisdom teeth have already erupted and finished developing, we can take at look at their health and the wellbeing of surrounding tissues.

Why You May Need It

You might need wisdom teeth removal for a variety of reasons, which include teeth that have or have not yet erupted. Consider the following details:

  • An impacted wisdom tooth, which is one that has not broken through your gum tissue, will need to be removed because it may result in pain and other complications like cyst development
  • A tooth that grows on a strange angle will need removal because it may cause discomfort or may press against other teeth, leading to injury
  • A tooth that has fully developed without a problem may be difficult to care for because of its location in your mouth – as a result, we may suggest an extraction