Lafayette Dentist Discusses How to Protect Teeth through Halloween Season

Candy, candy everywhere, so let’s all have a bite. Starting in October, children will be leveled with a barrage of seasonal candy displays in grocery stores. As school carnivals sweep in with cakewalks and apple bobbing, it might seem impossible to protect children’s teeth.  However, Dr. Michael J. Young provides a few tips to help avoid extraneous dental sugar-shock.

Eliminate Over-Consumption This Halloween

Every child dreams of loading their grab-bag with more sweets than they could possibly carry. Participating in trick-or-treating is a joyous event, and children should be allowed to collect as much candy as desired. Allow children to accrue their desired amount of candy, but then require them to select a limited number of items to be consumed periodically.

Limiting sugar intake is essential to protecting teeth, and it can help out American troops overseas. The American Dental Association and select dentists participate in a candy buy-back program. Leftover Halloween candy is brought to a participating dentist, where it is weighed, and the child is given a healthy alternative as a reward (usually $1 per pound of candy). The candy is then shipped overseas to service members. Reports indicate that troop morale boosts significantly on the day candy arrives, but it could just be the sugar. This year, instead of an all-out candy smorgasbord, only select a few great pieces to enjoy.

Avoid the Sour Stuff on Halloween

Sodas and energy drinks often get the bulk of the blame for acidity-related enamel loss, yet sour Halloween candy is also a dangerous offender. Exposing teeth to the acid found in sour candies could erode enamel, causing more problems for kids. This year, limit sour candy intake to only a couple pieces.

Schedule Your Post-Halloween Visit

There’s no better time to schedule a visit than right after Halloween. Dr. Young provides family and cosmetic dentistry. School, work, and travel could make things hectic as the holiday season approaches, so don’t delay. Contact our 70508 dental office by calling (337) 237-6453 to schedule an appointment todayWe welcome families from Lafayette and surrounding areas.