Are you Aware of Eruption Cysts in Teething Babies?

Smiling BabyFinding an unidentifiable bump, lesion, or bruise on your child’s body is very frightening for parents; especially those who are raising a child for the first time. Imagine looking over at your crying little one only to see a bluish-purple lump prominently situated on their gums. This might sound very scary,  but eruption hematomas (or eruptions cysts) are actually relatively common when a child’s new teeth are coming in.

What are Eruption Cysts?

Your baby’s teeth start out growing inside a protective enclosure which is located in their jawbone. When primary teeth have reached complete development, they emerge through the bone tissue. Over time, teeth will pierce through the gums and you will see them for the first time – a generally exciting milestone.  In rare cases, when the protective enclosure from early tooth development leaks, fluid can accumulate between the tooth and gums. This means your child will present with an eruption cyst.   The appearance of these generally painless hematomas is usually either dark red, brown, bluish-purple, or translucent.  When you’re not familiar with this visual, however, the excitement of teething is marred by understandable parental panic.

Treatment for Eruption Cysts

Though disconcerting for obvious reasons, most eruption cysts don’t require special treatment. Your child’s tooth will usually break through the hematoma and emerge just like any typical teething experience. The bruise usually heals quickly. However, for your own piece of mind (and to remain on the safe side) contact your dentist and describe the symptoms if you see anything unusual in your child’s mouth. Once an eruption cyst is confirmed, you can simply keep an eye on it. However, if the tooth still hasn’t made it through the gums after a few weeks, a small surgical procedure might be necessary to release the tooth from it’s confines.

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