Category: General Dentistry

Flossing For Your Smile’s Health

A lot of people joke about their flossing habits or their lack thereof. Maybe you already floss regularly or maybe you used to floss daily, but the habit didn’t stick. Maybe you never learned the importance of flossing and therefore never even started the habit in the first place. Flossing is just as important as… Read more »

Tips To Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Do you get a pit of butterflies in your stomach just thinking about booking a dental appointment? If you do, you are not alone. Many Americans get anxious about visiting the dentist. The anxiety for some people is so large that it turns into a full fear or phobia. Fear and anxiety can keep people… Read more »

Is Dental Sensitivity a Cause for Concern?

Have you been suffering from discomfort, lately, when you sit down to eat or even take a sip of a hot beverage? If so, it is it making it quite difficult to enjoy daily activities, like mealtimes or after-work drinks with friends. Fortunately, restorative dentistry makes it possible to rebound from most dental issues, including… Read more »

Keep Calm and Smile On with Help from Sedation Dentistry

Has it been years since you last visited the dentist for even a preventive checkup? Is that because of a longstanding or deep fear of dentists? Many people struggle with dental anxiety, either because of poor experiences in the past or simply a generalized anxiety. Fortunately, sedation dentistry is an effective way for many patients… Read more »

Secret Weapons for Protecting Your Smile

Is 2017 the year you are bound and determined to better protect your dental health? For people who have suffered from discomfort caused by dental decay, like cavities, in the past, it can be especially important to protect the teeth and gums from common oral health threats. Fortunately, there are a few simple tools that… Read more »

Making Dental Care More Fun for the Family

Are you tired of having to police your kids’ dental care? Tired of feeling like the bad guy, every single time you have to remind them to brush their teeth, or stand over them as they do so. If so, take a tip from your family’s preventive dentist, and find ways to make oral care… Read more »

Could You Sleep More Soundly with Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Do you frequently find yourself waking up, feeling unrested, no matter how many hours you have been asleep? Are you having difficulties at work, due to an inability to concentrate, general fatigue, or even irritability? What many people don’t realize is that these can all be common warning signs of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a serious… Read more »

How Can You Better Care for Your Smile?

Are you concerned about your smile, because of struggles with cavities in the past, a recent diagnosis of gum disease, or simply general worry that you might should be doing more to preserve your pearly whites’ beauty and their health? Many people want to take great care of their smiles, knowing they are one of… Read more »

Can Sedation Dentistry Calm Your Fears?

Has it been years since you last visited the dentist? If so, what has stopped you from seeking treatment that could help preserve your teeth and gums’ health? Is it concern that you may have developed a problem that will require restorative dentistry, perhaps even extensive treatment measures? Or, is it simply a general anxiety… Read more »

Ouch! Is That a Cavity?

Was your last coffee break interrupted by unexpected and extremely uncomfortable dental pain? Did your attempt to enjoy a celebratory first-day-of-school ice cream cone with your kids, end in wincing due to dental sensitivity? If so, you could be struggling with a dental cavity. Many people don’t realize just how prevalent cavities are in America…. Read more »