3 Smile Changes In Aging Smiles

3 Smile Changes In Aging SmilesAs we get older, there are some changes in our body that are more pronounced than other changes. For example, once you hit 40 or 50, you may feel your joints ache a little more for no real reason. The changes inside of your mouth may not be one of the most obvious changes in your body. Since your mouth is the gateway to your overall health, protecting your smile can mean preventing some other health issues in other areas of your body. Understanding the natural changes in your mouth may help you better protect your smile. Your dentist in Lafayette, LA wants to help you protect your smile’s health at any age. 

Natural Erosion

Over your years, chewing, drinking, and grinding done everyday can make a big impact on the surfaces of your teeth. Not to mention any problematic events that occur inside your smile, and you can expect some erosion of enamel from your tooth’s surfaces. You may also encounter a natural recession of your gum tissue that can expose the roots of your teeth and the supporting structures. 

Less Production of Saliva

Older adults tend to have more dry skin, eyes, and mouth as they get older. On top of that, older adults are more likely to take medication that has a side effect of a dry mouth. With less saliva, the mouth can become more vulnerable to decay and infection because saliva is responsible for rinsing away food particles and harmful bacteria. If you notice that you have a dry mouth often, talk to your dentist about ways you can combat the effects it may have on your smile’s health.

Higher Risk of Oral Cancer

The risk for getting any type of cancer increases as we get older. The majority of people diagnosed with oral cancer are over the age of 55. This means that the older we get, the more routine and vigilant we must become with our oral cancer screenings. Oral cancer screenings can be done simply and quickly by your dentist at your routine visit. If you notice any sores, bumps, or new, lingering issues in your mouth, be sure to get in to see your dentist as quickly as you can.

Oral health remains important at any age

Your smile will change as you get older. To schedule a consultation, contact us at our Lafayette, LA, dentist’s office at 337-237-6453. We proudly serve patients from Breaux Bridge, Broussard, Scott, Youngsville, and surrounding communities.