Pack Your Dental Travel Kit

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be starting to prepare travel plans. No matter how busy you are or where you go, you should never neglect your oral health. If you’re like most people, you’ve forgotten your toothbrush more than once. To end that habit, keep a small dental travel kit packed and in your suitcase.

Tuck these items inside:

Floss: Floss containers can be very small and portable. Soft, satin flosses slide easily between teeth and make flossing quick and easy. Handheld flossers are also convenient, especially after meals and while you’re on the go.

Brush cleaners: Interdental brush cleaners are little picks with nylon bristles. They are narrow, so they can fit between your teeth to remove food particles and plaque. They can combine brushing and flossing after a meal — but be sure to brush and floss normally morning and evening.

Toothbrush: When traveling, a manual toothbrush is more convenient than an electric toothbrush. Some travel toothbrushes fold to take up less space. Remember to bring your miniature tube of toothpaste.

Tongue scraper: Tongue scrapers can clean your tongue of harmful bacteria, keeping your breath fresh on the run.

Mouthwash: Mouthwash is available in travel-sized containers. Swish around a small amount to fight bacteria in your mouth. Some mouthwashes are also available as mouth sprays or dissolving sheets.

Breath savers: You should carry around a small pack of mints, breath spray, or gum to keep your breath smelling fresh when you aren’t near your travel kit.

Emergency materials: If you have a dental emergency, treat the problem the best you can until you can return to your dentist. Keep an extra supply of gauze to soak up bleeding, painkillers to ease minor discomfort, and a small empty container in case you lose a piece of your tooth. Don’t forget to put Dr. Young’s business card in your dental care travel kit!

All of these items can be packed into a small bag for easy travel. Ask Dr. Young to help you put together your dental travel kit with his personal suggestions to maintain your dental health on the run. You should also schedule your dental appointment for a convenient time between voyages. Keeping regular cleanings and checkups will reduce the risks for dental problems when you’re far away from home. Schedule your appointment with our dental office in Lafayette, LA at 337-237-6453.