Teenage Changes Affect Dental Health

Is your teenager moody and difficult? The cause could be typical teen hormones, but it could also be that your teenager is struggling with dental pain. Researchers say that many children act up because they’re in pain, not because they have behavioral issues. Behaviors and changes during the teenage years can affect a person’s oral health, but even so, Dr. Young can take care of any problem.

Social Acceptance

Teenagers commonly deal with peer pressure and experiment with different habits in the hopes of “fitting in.” The following social situations can alter dental health.

  • Smoking: Smoking causes stained teeth, oral cancer, bad breath, and gum disease.
  • Alcohol: Older peers may encourage alcohol usage, but it dries out your mouth and causes bad breath and altered taste.
  • Oral Piercings: Tongue and lip piercings may be a fashion statement, but they’re a dental disaster. Swelling, infection, chipped teeth, and gum irritation are all related to oral piercings.
  • Eating Disorders: You may feel uncomfortable with your body image or self-confidence, but purging can cause enamel erosion, stained teeth, bad breath, and sensitivity.
  • Parties: Tasty party foods can be sugary or crunchy. As you munch and socialize, you won’t be paying attention to what you’re eating.

Life Changes

Hormones and stress can cause different changes in your body and mouth. The following life factors are natural and often uncontrollable, but you can control how they affect your smile.

  • Puberty and Menstruation: Hormonal changes in your bloodstream may cause increase blood circulation to your gums, causing tender, sore, or inflamed gums.
  • Neglect: Busy schedules may shift your focus to other activities and draw your attention away from daily brushing and flossing. You may also change your eating habits to include more soda and sugar.
  • Stress: Homework and parents can increase the tension and anger in your life, resulting in jaw clenching and tooth grinding.
  • Braces: As your body changes, your mouth will adjust too. Your teeth may shift and become spaced, crowded, or crooked. Braces can align your teeth into proper position.
  • Wisdom Teeth: Your third molars begin to grow in during the late teen years, possibly causing pain, crowding, and the need for an extraction.

Dr. Young can make sure you’re keeping your smile safe and healthy, no matter what stage of life you’re going through. Contact our dentist office in Lafayette, LA, at (337) 237-6453 to schedule an appointment.