Lafayette Dentist Talks about Dental Bridges

Smiling Middle AgedOur family and cosmetic dental office provides multiple tooth replacement options. Losing teeth can have cosmetic and functional repercussions. Furthermore, the whole situation can be simply embarrassing. Addressing tooth loss in an expedient manner is important if you want to avoid issues like other teeth drifting out of place, or jawbone density issues. Your Lafayette dentist, Dr. Michael Young, would like to highlight a particular tooth replacement method: dental bridges.

The Design of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges were designed to mimic structural bridges. The dental apparatus relies on two end points that hold up the foundation of your bridgework. Between the two abutment teeth will be the same number of porcelain crowns as the number of teeth that are missing. Dental crowns are designed to look and act just like natural teeth.  The bridge and crowns can be bonded together for a reliable and snug fit. Though the bridge will be fixed in place, it will sit slightly above the gumline so there is no irritation.

Smile Improvement

Aside from replacing tooth function, dental bridges have the ability to greatly improve a smile that is missing teeth. When you first lose a tooth or teeth, you’re very likely to want to hide your smile or cover your mouth rather than show your happiness. Dental bridges are intended to blend in flawlessly with surrounding teeth. The porcelain crowns can be dyed to match your natural teeth in a seamless way. You can even brush your bridge in the same way that you brush your other teeth. The only extra care required is that you should floss underneath your dental bridge so that plaque, tartar, and food debris don’t collect there.

Dental Bridges from Lafayette Dentist

Dr. Michael Young, our Lafayette dentist, encourages you to see if dental bridges are right for your situation. You can visit our Lafayette dental office to find out more information about your tooth replacement options. Schedule your appointment by calling 337-237-6453 or filling out our online appointment request.