Two Times It Doesn’t Pay to Be Stubborn

yo-teeth-troubleThere are many times when being stubborn really pays off. Maybe it’s refusing to budge when a co-worker asks you repeatedly to cover for you, or one of those days when you don’t allow a total stranger to take advantage of you by cutting in line. Other times, being hard-headed only gets you into deeper trouble. Refusing to visit your dentist for your twice-a-year dental exam is one such example. Regardless of your excuse, whether you’re too busy, too broke, or just not feeling it, this is one type of stubbornness that can have devastating long-term consequences. Dr. Michael Young, a family dentist in Lafayette, LA, explains how neglecting your dental duties can mean big problems down the road.

“Just” a Cavity? Think Again

A common mistake involves avoiding dental treatment simply because the problem at hand is not painful…at least, not yet. Cavities are an excellent example. It may not cause you any discomfort, but this does not mean it isn’t capable of inflicting serious damage on the tooth. If allowed to go on without the benefit of a dental filling, a cavity may soon require more involved treatment. A dental crown may be needed instead, or the tooth may develop an infection.

When Teeth Go Gray

The sight of gray is often an unwelcome sight, like when it appears in your hair. But what about a tooth that suddenly appears to turn gray? It’s a cosmetic deficit, sure, but does it really pose a threat to your oral health? Absolutely, says Dr. Young. A tooth that no longer appears its natural color may be non-vital, which means it no longer receives the blood supply and nutrients needed to thrive. As a result, the tooth may eventually loosen and fall out on its own. Until then, however, you face a higher risk of infection and nerve damage in the adjacent teeth. If the tooth requires an extraction, your dentist will help you choose which type of artificial tooth is best suited to your needs.

About Your Lafayette Dentist

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